France to teach Arabic in schools to beat Salafism

According to a think tank in Paris, the ideology of Islam among Muslims in France can be simplified to eliminate Salafism (said to be the root cause of terror) through the right curriculum taught in French schools.

According to a report released on Sunday by the Montaigne Institute, a branch of Islamic radicalism or Salafism that calls for Islamic law to be applied throughout the world has a monopoly on Islamic thought in héxagone.

A consultant, author of El Karaoui, appointed Turkey and Saudi Arabia as the main sources of funding for the spread of this radical thought between France and the European Muslim population.

The study highlights that this opaque financing pays for the promotion of Arabic learning among French Muslims. This learning is made through institutions that have fundamentalist political-religious attitudes characterized by only one linguistics.

The report shows that through these unclear Islamic schools, Salafi indoctrination “developed in France”, especially among young people under 35.

But rather than calling for a ban on Salafi schools at all, the Montaigne Institute caught them in their own game. El Karaoui suggested that the French government put Arabic into the education syllabus so that the alleged teaching of language offered by the indoctrination school would be eliminated.

The aim is to limit the teaching of Salafism through mosques. With the introduction of Arabic in local schools and getting the Arab community to learn Arabic in government schools they will – they hope – limit the teaching of Salafism through Arabic courses at the mosque.

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