The increasing role of religion in Politics: Trump is God send says White House religious adviser!

Last year, WFTV started a series of stories based on the end-of-the-world scenario, which is hotly debated in the U.S.A.

On the onset of this series, we decided to highlight the increasing role played by religious figures and other religion based elements in the United States or in Europe, in India and elsewhere…

In this video, the influence of religion in the U.S. political sphere are clearly expressed. Listen.

If you oppose U.S. President Donald Trump, you are oppositing God said a Trump religious advisor Paula White who chairs the Evangelical Advisory Board.

She said Trump was raised to the position of power by God because God sayd He has risen up and placed people up in authority.

Her views are shared by many…

So pray for the Senate, the Congress and the White House she said to the applause of the audience during a TV show.

And she prays that the Trump’s party gets more votes in the Senate to overthrow ‘demonic laws’.


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