Why are there Muslims in this disruptive world?

We used a picture of Chinese Muslims in the wake of Beijing’s crackdown on Muslims

By Kazi Mahmood

We are living in a dangerously disruptive world. This is a world where many people are losing their right to say no to social perversions. This is a world where we pay a price for refusing to accept to change our way of life.

But why are we still Muslims in today’s world?

Many people would say we are Muslim because it is our choice. But we are losing this right to make such a choice in this growingly dangerous world.

We are losing control of this right with laws and regulations that are coming to life in many countries.

Others will say we are Muslims because God Almighty has ‘chosen us’ to be Muslims. Okay, we are the chosen ones, but we are not safe and we are in danger everywhere.

The pertinent question is why are we the ‘chosen’ ones when we are a dying, irrelevant lot in this disruptive world?

Yet, another quarter will say we represent the 2 percent of God’s rule on earth. This is an old theory not known by many. It will be contested and many will argue about it, but it factual.

In the Islamic realm, Allah only controls 2 percent of this world and the other 98 percent is controlled by Satan.

The people promoting the global social disruption will have a good laugh here. Many Muslims too will deny the points raised in this editorial.

Others will claim the Muslim cause is a lost cause. They believe it is only a question of time for Islam and for the Muslims to vanish.

But the question remains: Why are there Muslims in this disruptive world? Why are you Muslims, if you are one reading this piece? Why?

disruptive world
Muslim schoolboys with books and bone slates in the Republic of China.
Date between 1912 and 1949

The real answer, in my vocabulary, is that we are Muslims today in order for us to improve ourselves. It is time for a social upgrade of the Islamic world.

We need a new plugin. It is the plugin that will upgrade us to the next level. That is the level of becoming Mu’minin.

Yes. We are Muslims today in order for those who will survive this bumpy ride to become the next best humans. That is to become quality Mu’minin in this world.

Other religious groups are also facing such challenges. They face serious questions in this day and age. Their right to choices taken away.

They are told to change and adopt social changes. They can’t really refuse, and they are bowing to pressure, but they can also find their upgrades.

While they are struggling with their own dilemma, the Muslims have the responsibility to plug themselves in for the upgrade.

It is not an easy task to become a Mu’minin. This is one of the biggest upgrades that you can have. It is higher than the ‘Mujahideen’ upgrade. The Mujahideen plugin is not for everyone. But the Mu’minin upgrade is for all of us.

It is for the valiant men and women out there lost with the push for changes, the disruptions and the attacks against Islam.

If you cannot find your upgrade to become a Mu’minin, then you might have lost your manual or you left it behind.

In this final call, I will explain in brief what is this upgrade about. To become a Mu’minin takes a lot of efforts because a Mu’minin is a person who can resist.

Resistance against the flux of perversion and social disruption is not futile. Because when there are more Mu’minin walking the surface of this world, there are more Angels sending positive messages.

When these positive messages reach the heavens, Allah sends in His benediction and His troops to defend the Muslims.

Blessed Muharram!

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