Mystery unsolved in Lion Air crash worst civil airline disaster in 2018

The Lion Air JT 610 is the worst civil airline disaster this year and is the first involving the Boeing 737 Max 8, which is the latest model in the range of Boeing aircraft.

The Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX jet flew erratically during a flight the previous evening. It experienced a “technical problem”, Reuters said.

The news agency cited data from flight tracking website FlightRadar24.

Though rescue effort is still underway, officials believe the 189 people on board perished in the incident.

The Lion Air fell into the Java Sea shortly after taking off from Soekarno Hatta International Airport, on Monday morning.

However, the big concern for the aviation authorities and aviation experts is what really happened before the plane crashed?

Experts across the globe are saying finding the reason for the crash will be a revealing factor. Is the blame on the type of aircraft or pilot error? Could the pilot have panicked during emergency manoeuvres, no one seems to be able to say.

Reports state the plane made a sudden turn to the left leading it to a deep dive into the Sea.

The same reports indicate the amount of debris found and the conditions of bodies found could mean the plane exploded.

But they are arguing whether it exploded in the air before touching the sea or upon contact with the waters.

The recovery of the black boxes and voice recorders will answer the many questions.

So far debris, life vests and a cell phone are among the objects found. 

Some news agencies say rescuers salvage body parts and only a few bodies are found so far. They believe most of the bodies are in the submerged fuselage.

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