The odds of the 1440 new Islamic calendar falling on 911

The Maal Hijrah 1440.

The Muslim world is celebrating the coming of a new year.

In some countries, it is on the same day with the 911 commemorations in the US.

However, what are the odds!

On that day the Americans remember the deadly 911 events. The media in the US is full of questions, answers and the uncomfortable truth.

The truth that Islam is here to stay. The truth that Muslims are also Americans. But there is this other truth they do not dare face.

Nonetheless, the 911 events have many holes, unexplained and unjustified.

How do you justify 21 terror suspects boarding US-bound aircraft to enter the US and carry out such an attack?

The rational minds are shunned and the heretics win. These ‘terrorists’ entered the US while some were known to the FBI and the CIA.

This is a truth they hide. It is easier to shove the facts under the carpet and blame the Muslims.

Until today, the American government has no concrete evidence on those it punished in Afghanistan, Iraq and in America.

This is the new justice. The justice without evidence. No need for proof. Just throw a Quran on the rubbles of the 911 and attack Muslims.

Nevertheless, Thank you, America, this makes it great again!

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