Free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK gaining momentum

Support for free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (CANZUK) is growing.

Called the ‘CANZUK freedom of movement’, the idea is to propose the creation of a political union between the quartet.

All four nations have the Queen as Head of State.

The proposal is to allow the free movement of goods and citizens between the countries.

A recent poll conducted showed that over half of respondents in each of the four countries were in favour of a CANZUK merger.

The most enthusiastic nation was New Zealand, with 82 percent of people showing support for the idea.

Canada, Australia and the UK also showed strong results, with 76 percent, 73 percent and 68 percent support respectively.

What is CANZUK International?

CANZUK International is a non-profit organization that has been an advocate of the freedom of movement concept over the past few years.

Inspired by the experiences of U.K. native James Skinner the movement intends to bring down immigration barriers.

Skinner formed the movement and became its CEO.

Skinner faced difficulties moving from the UK to Australia due to visa and permanent residency restrictions.

Since then, he’s been fighting to strengthen the already-established relationships and socio-economic bonds between the four countries.

He intends to make free movement between them a reality.

“We are virtually the same people,” Skinner told CBC.”The only thing that divides us is the cover of our passports.”

The establishment of a free trade agreement to remove customs barriers is on the cards.

Altogether the limitations to commerce.

It also promotes cooperation between the countries on issues concerning foreign policy, defence and intelligence.

These include Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, NATO and the UN Security Council.

WFTV believes this is a trend that will gain momentum in other parts of the world.

People of the same origins in Asia – particularly in the Asean region – are barred from free movement.

In the African Union, the same situation arises, though it may not be as tough as in the Asean.

There is the high possibility the quartet of British nations would devise a new foreign policy as well as a new defence mechanism.

This may result – in the long run – in their pressing the former British colonies to clean up their acts.

WIth the United Nations turning into a white elephant at the mercy of superpowers, new ideas are needed.

The U.N is now more like a stage for stand-up comedians who presents a polished image of their nations while their people are not happy with them!

Could CANZUK be that organisation that could fight for the rights of the abused in the former British colonies?

The U.K. will gain – economically – if it gets the ‘Commonwealth of nations’ to kowtow to international norms.

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