Trump-Kim: Whose end game it is?

U.S.President Donald Trump is making up to his promises of meeting with North Korean leader Kin Jung Un.

The decision to meet Trump points to a certain weakness on the North Korean side.

It also credits Trump for his riding rough against Kim.

However, we believe there are rocks unturned and an end game strategy on both sides.

The meeting will not be the end game for North Korea. Instead, it may probably spearhead into something else.

That is to say Kim may just split wide open the real weakness of the American side.

For Trump to readily say ‘yes’ to Kim’s wishes to meet-up, there must be a thing or two the U.S. is in a hurry to settle.

If the Americans see the meeting as the start of a North Korean capitulation, they may be sorely wrong.

We see it as an attempt by China, the main backer of the Koreans, at diffusing the biggest war threat in the peninsula.

The meeting will surely bring a freeze of activities by the Northern Koreans. But agreeing on a nuclear dismantling programme may take years to be put in place.

The Americans may want more than a denuclearised Pyongyang.

They may want U.S. observers in the country in exchange of reducing travel sanctions against Korean leaders or offer to have Kim visit the White House.

Whether Pyongyang is ready to allow American military chiefs on its soil or not is yet to be seen.

However, their presence, albeit on a serious mission to count the missiles and war heads stockpiles, Kim will certainly take advantage of it.

The propaganda machine will definitely brainwash the population.

An invitation for a visit to the White House will resonate across North Korea as a victory for Kim and country!

Counting and locating the war heads does not mean an automatic removal from North Korea.

Nor its guaranteed destruction by the Koreans.

Nevertheless, what has Trump to gain in saying yes to the meeting with Kim?

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