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20 years Of SOFTNET Technologies End-To-End I.T. Solutions

20 years Of SOFTNET Technologies End-To-End I.T. Solutions

Kuala Lumpur, June 1, 2022 SOFTNET Technologies is celebrating 20 years of empowering businesses with customised, end-to-end IT solutions this year, as the company enters its second decade of allowing global companies to boost productivity through comprehensive IT processes.

As pioneers in the field of innovative tech services and end-to-end marketing solutions, Softnet will launch new services that further allow brands to automate crucial systems that can heighten efficiency and reduce costs in every department, from manpower to logistics.

Spearheaded by visionary Founder and Managing Director, Hamdan Akram, the company has developed digital marketing processes that have enabled businesses to expand their reach and oer better services to their customers.

“When we are approached by companies looking to improve their system processes, we’re often told about how previous agencies have helped improve one sector of operations, while others sectors have been left lacking. And that’s exactly what we wanted to tackle – we wanted to come up with a way to create all-inclusive systems that could specifically cater to each of our clients’ needs,” says Hamdan.

“So when we first sit down with our clients, we take the time to ask questions, as many as is necessary to truly understand the issues and their dreams. We do not offer o-the-shelf solutions. Every project is bespoke and tailored from scratch because no two circumstances are the same.”

For instance, a Malaysian flour production company asked us to assess their operations flow for logistics to see if the system could be improved.

SOFTNET and Efficiency

“We discovered that through a more detailed automated plan, we could reduce the number of trucks needed to transport goods from eight trucks to six. Another client wanted to create a way for their employees to easily access salary information and submit leave applications that would immediately sync with their Human Resources management system.

“Our programs are designed to intrinsically complement each client’s needs and they enable companies to reduce unnecessary duplications and increase efficiency.”

Because every client has specific requirements, SOFTNET appoints a specialist from within the company known as Digital Architects.

These architects develop a deep and holistic understanding of the problem which enables us to propose a future-forward strategy that not only solves the issue, but continuously enhances the overall system.

These solutions can include streamlining e-commerce usability, delivery pathway generation, and customer service process automation.

Among the new services that SOFTNET will be establishing includes the development of a WhatsApp API system that will allow brands to conduct surveys, gather feedback, and obtain analytics through fully automated and user-friendly processes.

With the Meta-powered app being used by an incredible two million users worldwide – making it the number one messaging platform in the world – this development by SOFTNET will enable brands and companies to further streamline their services while fully utilizing the valuable data they have obtained.

Tier companies

In just 20 years, the company has expanded from its HQ here in Kuala Lumpur to service clients globally. Amongst the company’s noteworthy projects are the development of the Tourism Malaysia tourism portal, KPJ Healthcare and Healthshoppe, Genting auditions portal and contract management system and UI/UX for the employee mobile application.

The company has also serviced top tier companies and agencies such as Philips, Signify, Nestlé, Unilever, Shell, PIDM, Wunderman Thompson, Cyberview, and Futurise.