A new Motul Asia Hub is ready

A new Motul Asia Hub is ready

Singapore, Mar 2, 2022 — Lionel Dantiacq, CEO of Motul Asia Pacific, cut the ribbon to launch a new, state-of-the-art Motul regional warehouse, the Motul Asia Hub, on 1st March 2022. The Motul Asia Hub is located at the Pacific Logistics Group (PLG), Tuas Headquarters at Singapore’s brand new Tuas Mega Port.

The 700,000 sq ft facility will support and enhance Motul’s supply chain across the Asia Pacific region by consolidating warehousing and inventory operations.

The Hub will play a monumental role as Motul continues to build a greater presence across the APAC region and further strengthens its leadership in high performance lubricants and fluids for all uses.

Motul is excited about the launch of the Asia Hub, which will be essential to support its ambitions of accelerated growth. A modern supply chain solution will tackle the complexities of the market and streamline business operations.

The unique location of the warehouse will provide a geographical advantage for faster and easier transit with quick turnaround times for both air and sea shipments to all regional markets.

The close proximity to the Tuas Mega Port makes the location of the warehouse optimal for improved supply chain efficiency. The facility will also house the latest technology, including a secure web-based inventory management system for instant access to up to date information.

Through the partnership with PLG and their bonded facilities, Motul will ensure a streamlined distribution network across the region to support its dealers. A unique aspect of the bonded facilities is the exemption of GST imposed on goods imported to be re-exported, reducing processing time and overhead costs leading to ultimate efficiency.

Motul new products

Motul continues to expand its market reach across APAC and exceed customer expectations. Providing the highest level of service to its customers is a core value at Motul and the Hub will enable it to meet the growing demands of the consumers.

With an ever-changing automotive industry and new technologies pushing boundaries every day, the Hub will allow Motul to bring newly developed product lines to market faster than their competitors across the region. Motul aims to broaden its category reach and embrace product innovations for changing mobility requirements.

Asia has been a key market to Motul’s global business for many years, and the region continues to grow as the demand for lubricants ramps up. Motul Asia Pacific has set a clear target to focus on the needs of its discerning customers.

With the launch of the Asia Hub, Motul will deliver its high-quality range of products to customers across the region in the only way they know how, fast and reliable. The Hub will also serve as a landmark for Motul to remain a preferred choice for customers for years to come.

Lionel Dantiacq, CEO Motul Asia Pacific says, the launch of our new Motul Asia Hub today represents an exciting continuation of our efforts to capitalize on Asia’s dynamic growth and transformation.

“With this Hub, we aim to streamline our supply chain in the region and bring our products to customers with greater efficiency.

“Catering to the customer’s need is at the core of who we are, and this Hub serves as a symbol of our dedication to hundreds of thousands of customers who choose Motul.

“The Hub will play a monumental role in expanding our reach, tapping new markets and bringing these amazing Motul products to existing and new customers for all their lubrication needs.” – ACN Newswire