Add New DNS To Access Banned Services In Indonesia

Add New DNS To Access Banned Services In Indonesia

Users in Indonesia were shocked to learn that several websites and other gaming platforms, including Steam and Epic Games, had now been blocked there but here are ways to access the banned services on your devices.

How to Change the DNS Settings on Android:

  1. Open the Settings on the device.
  2. Select “Wi-Fi”.
  3. Long press your current network, then select “Modify network”.
  4. Mark “Show advanced options” check box.
  5. Change “IP settings” to “Static”
  6. Add the DNS servers IPs to the “DNS 1”, and “DNS 2” fields. Read More

Gamers in Indonesia have been banned access to the aforementioned gaming platforms.

A tweet from the Team Secret esports organisation and a post from our sister site, GamerWK. There are other services banned, such as Yahoo, Paypal and others.

Partial list of banned services

Users who access the Kominfo website can view a list of all the registered companies as well as other services that are either completely or temporarily suspended.

Although the Indonesian government did not make an official announcement, it is likely that the country has banned a number of websites and digital platforms including Steam, PayPal, Epic Games, and others because they did not register as Electronics System Providers (Penyelenggara Sistem Elektronik) (PSE).

All local and foreign digital services must register with the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) as of November 24, 2020, in order to comply with new cybersecurity and user protection regulations.

How to access Battlenet in Indonesia

By using a VPN, you can bypass censorship by sending your traffic through an encrypted connection to a distant server located in another nation. By doing this, you access the internet using the VPN server’s IP address rather than your own. ISPs will see you as being in the nation of your choice, granting you access to the websites and services available there.

A free VPN on iPhones: