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Apple Warns Thai Activists They Are Targets of ‘State-sponsored’ Attacks

Apple Warns Thai Activists They Are Targets of ‘State-sponsored’ Attacks

At least seven activists who had called for the reform of the monarchy in Thailand have alleged that their phones had been targets of “state-sponsored attackers.”

Apple reportedly sent warning messages to activists Arnon Nampa and Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul, who are in pre-trial detention after leading protests for abolishing the monarchy.

Prajak Kongkirati, a political scientist at Bangkok’s Thammasat University, said he had received two emails from Apple saying it believed his iPhone and iCloud accounts had been targeted. He added that a “threat notification” was issued to his Apple account.

Others critical of the Thai government, such as researcher Sarinee Achananuntakul and activist Yingcheep Atchanont of Legal Monitoring group iLaw, said they received similar emails.

Rapper Dechathorn Bamrungmuang, who is a part of the group “Rap Against Dictatorship” posted a screengrab of the email he received on Facebook.

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