Are NFT’s a viable way for Indigenous projects crowd-fund?

Are NFT’s a viable way for Indigenous projects crowd-fund?

WEST VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, March 11, 2022 — New Indigenous NFT project blazing a trail for Indigenous digital media content, cultural sharing, and fundraising for Indigenous green tech projects.

400 Drums is dedicated to supporting Indigenous artists, elders, language speakers, and tour operators to harness new online platforms to monetize their craft while sharing their teachings and stories.

Among all ancient cultures, are the common threads. The 400 Drums project aspires to explore, contemplate, communicate and reflect these common threads such that we might dream a new future in balance with the earth and all relations once again.

Behind The Drum

400 Drums is a series of NFTs derived from one-of-a-kind Indigenous drums handcrafted by David Fierro of the Okanagan Nation.

The drums are hand-painted in Acrylic, with the paints designed by colour theorist Tamara Goddard, who incorporates phosphorescence into the pigments for stunning effects with black lights.

David Fierro creates each design on the face of the drums and Tamara Goddard, his partner in life and business, enhances the museum-quality art pieces into digital masterpieces.

400 Drums was championed by a team inspired to showcase Indigenous art as a living expression of culture. The NFT’s were designed with this in mind; the graphics, produced by Tamara Goddard, are representative of the medicine wheel, a common thread amongst many Indigenous peoples internationally.

NFT artists

Create training programs and services for Indigenous Artists to create Indigenous-designed digital showcases & NFT’s infused with Indigenous teachings, storytelling, sounds, and music

Support the completion and distribution of Back to the Fire, an Indigenous Leadership Documentary Series by Squamish Nation Hereditary Chief Gibby Jacob

Support the Four Our Future WICD Digital and Media training & employment program for Indigenous Youth

Deliver cultural traditional crafting workshops for Indigenous peoples in Canada

Plan and develop an Indigenous Green Tech Campus to showcase food, water, power & housing technologies suitable and obtainable for First Nations communities and local economies

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