ASTEEL Forges Ahead With 25 Years of Stellar Performance

ASTEEL Forges Ahead With 25 Years of Stellar Performance

KUCHING, 24 January 2022 — Homegrown Sarawak company, ASTEEL Group, celebrated its Silver Jubilee with its 400 employees at ASTEEL’s 25th Anniversary Celebration and Appreciation Dinner, held at Shangri-La Seafood City One, Rooftop Cityone Megamall in Kuching on Saturday, 22 January 2022.

The event was graced by Guest of Honour, Yang Berhormat Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak and Minister for Public Health, Housing and Local Government Dato’ Sri Professor Dr. Sim Kui Hian.

ASTEEL Group started from humble beginnings in 1996 as Magic Network Sdn Bhd, a trading company under YKGI Holdings Bhd, previously known as Yung Kong Galvanising Industries Bhd. In 2013, with the restructuring of its East Malaysia operations, it changed its name to ASTEEL Sdn. Bhd. It shifted its operations to a downstream business which includes manufacturing and trading of metal roofing products and continued to strengthen its efforts into becoming a one-stop building solutions provider for roofing and walling, structural decking, steel framing systems and much more.

Amidst the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, ASTEEL recorded its best performance in 2021 thanks to the robust risk management practised, agile leadership and workforce, supported by a strong corporate culture to navigate the pandemic. As it evolves with ever-changing market trends, ASTEEL Group has concertedly placed its focus on providing safe, strong, reliable, affordable roofing and building materials to its stakeholders. ASTEEL’s mission to provide quality and affordable roofing and building materials that everyone prefers is reflected in its tagline, ‘Affordable Shelter for Everyone’.

During his congratulatory speech, Dato Sri Professor Dr Sim Kui Hian stressed on the importance of ASTEEL employees internalising and living its strong culture as a homegrown Sarawak company.Further, he also spoke on how long-term planning for initiatives are key to ensuring prosperity in Sarawak: “We are hopeful that government initiatives will have a positive impact as the economic multiplier effect will be obtained through such projects, uplifting the lives of many.”

Business Expansion

“Continuous efforts made by companies like ASTEEL Group, a homegrown Sarawakian company, will help tremendously in contributing to Sarawak’s GDP in the long run, and further place Sarawak on the global map,” he added.

In addition, he also encouraged homegrown Sarawak companies like ASTEEL to join forces with the State Government on its urban renewal plans for cities such as Sibu and Kuching, especially on initiatives on affordable housing that would benefit communities at large. The Deputy Chief Minister also urged companies to work in partnership with the Government, to look into business expansion and explore the vast business opportunities in Indonesia’s capital, Kalimantan.

The key to ASTEEL’s resounding success is ASTEEL’s Master Plan which includes four important pillars: People; Products; Process; and Culture.

In his speech, ASTEEL’s Group Managing Director, Dato’ Sri Victor Hii Lu Thian, says the company will reduce carbon footprint.

“In line with our Master Plan, we look forward to driving higher revenue and strengthening our investors’ confidence; ensuring shareholders’ value by safeguarding our corporate reputation and continuing efforts to integrate Industry 4.0 towards achieving industry leading efficiency.

“We also aim to create a more gender balanced workforce, providing gainful employment for people in Borneo and beyond. Mindful of the need to protect our natural environment, we will also continue our environmental efforts by reducing our carbon footprint and optimising sustainable development methods, amplifying our efforts through strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships.”

Dato Sri Hii adds that the Group will continue to forge ahead in its Smart Manufacturing journey; leveraging on technology and skills to improve processes, consistency in quality, efficiency, productivity, and to be more agile; towards becoming the leading building materials solution provider in Borneo and beyond.

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