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B40 youths growth with successful SPARK Leadership Programme

B40 youths growth with successful SPARK Leadership Programme

Kuala Lumpur, 3 February 2022 — The SPARK Leadership Programme held online on the 11th,12th and 18th- 20th December 2021, saw 60 campers – majority of which from B40 communities – embarking on a five days leadership development programme.

Stepping into the 7th year, with the theme ‘Space Exploration’, SPARK 2021 serves to provide an opportunity for, and inspire future leaders amongst Malaysian youth.

Fully sponsored by ECM Libra Foundation with the support of Leaderonomics Community, SPARK Leadership Programme redefined the online camp experience by incorporating experienced facilitators, online platforms such as Google Meets and WhatsApp and engaging sessions and simulations under an interactive theme for heightened engagement.

“ECM Libra Foundation is very delighted to be partnering with Leaderonomics once again this year for the virtual SPARK Camp.

“Even with the challenges, the virtual camp has seen the campers enjoying the programme. Our main purpose of this yearly camp is to instill the importance of leadership skills in every youth because they are the anchors of the next generation.

“Besides that, this SPARK Camp gives our youth a platform to broaden their connections with new friends coming from different states, schools, race, religion and creed”, says Lim Beng Choon, Member of the Board of Trustees, ECM Libra Foundation.

Virtual simulations

From virtual group missions, breakout rooms, live sessions, virtual simulations, and even an online SPARK Carnival, the variety of online activities that comprised SPARK 2021 engaged campers on a range of competencies this year.

With campers representing each state in Malaysia, the camp also served as a melting pot of cultures and a testament to the unity in diversity of Malaysian youth.

One of the main highlights of the SPARK Programme in the past has always been the LEAD Project, a community project planned by the campers throughout the programme. This year’s LEAD project required the campers to come up with feasible and creative solutions for three given scenarios on natural disasters like floods, landslides and forest fires. Campers were given a choice to pick on either a recovery or prevention plan for the given scenarios. The main objective of this project is to initiate critical thinking and teamwork among the campers.

Various ideas were presented by the campers for different scenarios picked by them. Some of them were having a flood relief communal cleanup, fundraising, blood donation campaign, sustainable drainage systems, sullage disposal, having stormwater drains and many more; the ideas were each novel in their own right, bringing a proper solution for the disaster faced by the villages.

“I really enjoyed the sessions from trainers as it does help me a lot because of my insecurities. After this camp I learnt I could fight it and extend my reaches to the stars above. Even the explorers oh my, they are wonderful people and they are so kind towards each other.

“I enjoyed every single second of SPARK. I REALLY DO and am hoping to join it again next year and the years yet to come,” says Ahmad Daniel Zafree, a camper from Labuan.


Campers were faced with countless hurdles which included poor internet connection, challenge of planning the project virtually, language barriers and many more; but they persevered and made an impact in the communities. They then went on to record virtual presentations which were presented to a panel of judges on the last day.

Another unique element of SPARK would be the inclusivity of campers. Allowing them to share their ideas, thoughts, giving them the opportunity to speak up and facilitators guiding them as a team along the five days journey. At the same time, they also gained new insights into the lives of others, aiding them in their own leadership journeys.

“To be able to provide a safe platform for youths to grow and explore their potential, and find their voice is truly heartwarming. Every life touched could be a beacon of hope for others and slowly but surely, these Youths will one day bring about a brighter future for Malaysia,” said Darren Timothy & Max Loh, coordinators of the SPARK Camp.