Babel Finance, Chainalysis New Ties Innovates Crypto Lending

Babel Finance, Chainalysis New Ties Innovates Crypto Lending

HONG KONG SAR — 21 January 2022 – Babel Finance‘s financial services announced in December 2021 its partnership with Chainalysis. This will offer our institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals worldwide top in class risk controls and management to its crypto financial services, including crypto lending and crypto financing.

Chainalysis is a leading blockchain data platform. Babel Finance will leverage Chainalysis’ KYT (Know Your Transaction) and Reactor services to upgrade its regulatory compliance strategies.

With Chainalysis KYT, Babel Finance will have a real-time transaction monitoring solution providing alerts to their compliance team. Apart from reducing manual workflows, it will allow heightened compliance with local and global regulations.

Chainalysis Reactor can connect cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities, allowing compliance teams to examine both criminal and legitimate activities.

Babel Finance’s crypto lending innovation regarding compliance will provide the capacity to safeguard clients’ interests and investments and comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Babel Finance’s financing will have improved security and reliability controls when handling institutions’ large and flexible funding requests. Mitigating market risk is a top priority for Babel Finance.

Security of assets

“Our bank-level asset risk assessment models have formulated a more than competent risk control system to reduce market risk. Our products support multiple cryptocurrencies and use third-party custody, offline storage, multiple authorizations, and other technical measures to ensure the security of assets,” the company says.

Babel Finance’s Hong Kong office, as well as others in Asia, are ready to serve its clients’ needs.

Its expert team comes from first-tier financial institutions such as PwC, China Merchants Bank, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Lazard, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and mainstream technology companies. This expertise and heritage give us the cutting edge in cryptocurrency financing services.

Babel Finance is a global leading crypto financial services provider, offering institutional and HNWI investors professional services covering crypto lending and crypto trading.

With a business focus in Asia and a business headquarters in Singapore, Babel Finance has established close cooperative relationships with major global exchanges.