Biden to Xi: I Want a free and Fair Indo-Pacific

Biden to Xi: I Want a free and Fair Indo-Pacific

The most important issue for US President Joe Biden in his negotiations with China is ensuring a free and fair Indo-Pacific.

This is where China has acquired control of certain important trade channels and is posing as the South China Sea’s sole “superpower.”

However, for the Chinese, it is all about mutual respect, but more specifically, US and Western respect for China.

In his opening remarks, Xi stated that the two countries should strive for peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial collaboration.

They should take care of their own concerns and share global responsibilities. Is China saying the US should not question China’s influence in the South China Sea, a vital trade route for the West?

Will there be a time and place when both the US and China decide to compromise? Aside from the Indo-Pacific area, Biden is also urging Xi to establish “common-sense guardrails” for relations. Other priorities for him are human rights and economics.

Biden and Xi are holding their first face-to-face meeting, virtually, since Biden entered the White House after he defeated ‘trade war monger’ President Donald Trump.