Biden's Remote African Conquest Stands Little Chance VS China

Biden's Remote African Conquest Stands Little Chance VS China

We believe American President Joe Biden’s push in Africa stands a remote chance against China.

Joe Biden is pressing for an African agreement that will make life difficult for the Chinese on the continent.

However, we believe it does not have a great chance of pushing China out of its “backyard.”

For many years, the United States has regarded Africa as if it were a former slave colony. Not considering the continent as a prospective partner.

What has changed since Biden’s election, and what is in the raw bargain his government is providing Africans?

Because rare-earth materials are abundant in Africa, China sees Africa as the future for its exploitative policies.

However, China does not regard its youthful population as a source of Chinese growth. As a result, for both America and China, Africa’s global economic stature is not important.

China’s Huawei and Transsion invested heavily in Africa. America did not follow up.

Biden is attempting to capitalise on the opening of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

It is the largest free-trade zone since the formation of the World Trade Organization and the US is looking into this as if it is a holy grail.

Perhaps it will encourage Americans to reinvest in Africa, but we feel that is all Biden can do.

America has yet to demonstrate an interest in improving lives in Africa or assisting the continent’s youth. Its goal is to wage a mining and territory control war against China on the African battlefield.

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