Big push for Jaga-Me in-home care for cancer patients

Big push for Jaga-Me in-home care for cancer patients

SINGAPORE – – 1 March 2022 – Alliance Healthcare Group Limited (SGX: MIJ)‘s subsidiary, Jaga-Me Pte. Ltd has received positive feedback for the services rendered to patients on the National Cancer Centre Singapore’s Home Care Programme.

The NCCS Home Care Programme offers convenience and increased accessibility to care for patients, particularly those who are less mobile and rely on caregivers to arrange transport to and from appointments.

In the time of COVID-19, it also achieves the goal of reducing dwell time of patients in NCCS and enables safe management measures, without compromising the care that cancer patients receive.

Jaga-Me was selected in 2020 as the mobile health company to administer treatment at home for patients registered with the NCCS Home Care Programme.

Cancer patients on NCCS’ Home Care Programme receive medications including molecularly targeted agents, hormonal therapy, immune boosters and bone-modifying agents, which are administered by Jaga-Me nursing staff.

To-date, over 300 patients have enrolled in the Programme and 98% of the patients surveyed said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the service as it was convenient (51%) and saved time (33%)1.

The positive feedback reaffirms the Group’s strategic direction to focus on expanding its mobile and digital healthcare segment.

This is also an early sign that digitalisation will play an increasingly important role in the local healthcare industry, as it provides both convenience and quality healthcare.

Jaga.Me and Alliance

Executive Chairman and CEO of Alliance Healthcare, Dr. Barry Thng Lip Mong says, “The positive feedback for Jaga-Me’s services from the patients is encouraging. We will continue to strive to provide better quality healthcare, especially for patients going through challenging times.

“Jaga-Me’s involvement in this programme epitomises Alliance’s vision in moving beyond a one-size-fits-all model to one that delivers personalised care and empowers its stakeholders in their journey. 

“We believe digitalisation and information technology will play an increasingly vital role in the healthcare sector, and we will continue to explore new avenues in this segment to improve and innovate our business.”

The Group acquired 55.0% shareholding interest in Jaga-Me in December 2019 and subsequently increased the interest to 64.6% in January 2022.

The Group believes this acquisition is pivotal in strengthening its competitive strengths, as Jaga-Me is complementary to the Group’s product portfolio and allows the Group to better position itself to meet the increasing demand from corporate clients, insurance partners and patients. Media OutReach