A big step for AT&S in completing 10,000 piles

A big step for AT&S in completing 10,000 piles

MALAYSIA, Kedah, March 8  AT&S Malaysia celebrated the completion of 10,000 piles for its greenfield project in the Kulim Hi-Tech Park Phase 4, on 23 February 2022. The success is attributed to the enormous team effort contributed by both AT&S and Exyte, the Project Manager.

The construction for AT&S Malaysia‘s manufacturing facility commenced in November 2021. A total of 15,600 piles are needed for the foundational work for Phase 1 that comprises of 2 production, 1 administration, and 10 annex buildings. 5,600 piling works remain to be completed with a turnaround time of not more than 4 weeks. Construction progress is on track to achieve and finish the roofing work by September 2022.

The remarkable feat was celebrated on-site and attended by key executives of AT&S Malaysia, Mr Vittorio Villari, Executive Project Officer, and Mr Markus Sterba, Technical Project Director; and Mr Richard Wood, Project Manager of Exyte.

The achievement was commemorated by using a construction crane to smash a bottle of sparkling juice onto the piles. Mr Markus Sterba applauded, “It’s the teamwork that counts. It takes a strong team spirit to propel the members to work tirelessly, under the challenge of abiding with strict SOPs for Covid-19 and the demanding work targets. Nevertheless, we did it! We are now looking forward to the completion of piling works.”

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Recognizing the measure of efforts required in delivering such a monumental accomplishment, Mr Vittorio Villari congratulated the team. “The fact that 10,000 piles have been driven into the ground barely within 10 weeks after the construction work started in November 2021 is simply impressive. It’s a work well done.”

Exyte is complimented for managing the construction and site for AT&S project with strict safety and health standards. Mr Richard Wood thanked AT&S, “We understand AT&S’ expectation for this greenfield project based on our past delivery experiences.

“The trust that AT&S places in Exyte motivates us to plan, supervise and monitor the progress of works closely. Today’s celebration is made possible with the hard work of the members from AT&S and Exyte.”

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