Bitcoin Fails to Hold Above $50k But Don't Panic

Bitcoin Fails to Hold Above $50k But Don't Panic

Bitcoin started last week at $49k and rose to above $50,000 by the end of Monday. The next day, the price climbed as high as $51,900 yet failed to hold that level.

By mid-week, the price of BTC had sunk to $46k. After bouncing from there, Bitcoin just barely rose to $50k by the end of the week.

The week closed +1.33% higher although this modest gain was erased this morning. BTC dominance has increased to 41%. This means that other cryptocurrencies did worse on average.

Among large caps, SOL (-12%) did the worst. ETH (-1.58%) did better and BNB (+2.2%) even showed some gains. Plenty of smaller cap assets, however, saw double-digit losses for the week.

The outperformers included NEAR (+43%), GALA (+21%), and ROSE (+21%).


But do not panic. This is the time to buy Bitcoin and keep it for a brighter future. If you want to join the BTC and Cryptocurrency bandwagon of digital nomads, invest when the coin is at its lowest! And hold!

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