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BMW Group Malaysia Presents NEXTGen Malaysia

BMW Group Malaysia Presents NEXTGen Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 4th January 2022– BMW Group Malaysia today announced the upcoming NEXTGen Malaysia –a public event on sustainability and electrified mobility in Malaysia that will bring together a network of like-minded organisations, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and influential individuals who are in pursuit of sustainable solutions.

Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia says, “At BMW Group Malaysia, we recognise that sustainability is a shared responsibility and must be addressed at every level –from individuals to corporates and beyond.

In line with the national electrification goals for 2022, NEXTGen Malaysia aims to provide access to information on not only electromobility but also varying facets of innovation in sustainability to empower the next generation of Malaysians.

We are also proud to partner with key organisations who are developing sustainable solutions and affecting change in their own industries for NEXTGen Malaysia, where their invaluable insight will be shared with peers in the industry as well as the public.”

The physical event will be open to the public and will feature keynotes, panel discussions and exhibits on a diverse range of sustainability topics, some of which includes clean energy, fast fashion, electromobility, material management, social impact and more.