Breaking Promises, US Bombs Taliban Again

Breaking Promises, US Bombs Taliban Again

The United States launched overnight airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan, thus breaking its promises of non-intervention.

Reports say the move reflects Washington’s intentions to continue supporting Afghan forces with combat aircraft.

However, the support will continue only until US forces leave Afghanistan. There is no saying the US will not interfere again against the surging Taliban after its withdrawal.

The flip flop in US policies over the country shows the weakness of the superpower to deal with reality in the Islamic world.

While it pushes for ‘democracy’, it is also ignoring facts. In Afghanistan, the Taliban is too strong for the warlords and the government forces.

In some areas of the country, the Taliban is simply unbeatable. Years of US occupation did not stop the Taliban from holding large areas of Afghanistan.

The US did not provide more details on its attacks against the Taliban, but news reports say equipment seized by the rebels were bombed.