Bridgestone’s Strategic Shift: Exiting the Truck and Bus Tire Market in China

The comprehensive withdrawal from the commercial tire sector in the Chinese market will involve the cessation of TBR production at Bridgestone (China) Investment Co. Ltd. in Shanghai.

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In a significant strategic move, Bridgestone Corporation, the world-renowned tire manufacturer, has announced its decision to exit the truck and bus tire (TBR) market in China. This decision aligns with Bridgestone’s mid-term business plan for the years 2024 to 2026, which aims to rebuild earning power and redirect strategic resources to focus on the premium passenger car tire market.

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Bridgestone’s decision to cease production and commercial sale of truck and bus tires in China is expected to be completed within the first half of 2024. This move follows the company’s previous efforts to improve the profitability of its business. Despite internal efforts to optimize production capacity and reduce costs, Bridgestone faced challenges in improving the situation within the Chinese TBR market.

Bridgestone’s comprehensive withdrawal

The comprehensive withdrawal from the commercial tire sector in the Chinese market will involve the cessation of TBR production at Bridgestone (China) Investment Co. Ltd. in Shanghai. The company intends to exit the commercial tire business entirely in China, signaling a significant shift in its operational focus.

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As part of this withdrawal, Bridgestone has successfully completed the previously announced closure of its TBR tire plant in Shenyang, China, on January 26. The Shenyang facility had been operational since 1996, employing 657 people and producing approximately 4,300 TBR tires per day. The closure aligns with Bridgestone’s strategic realignment to streamline its operations and enhance overall business efficiency.

This decision to exit the Chinese TBR market follows earlier initiatives by Bridgestone to enhance the profitability of its commercial tire business. In September 2023, the Japanese company announced the discontinuation of the TBR original equipment (OE) business in China by the end of the same year. This move was prompted by a significant decline in the production and sales of truck and bus OE tires in the country.

Bridgestone’s strategic decision to end all production and sales of commercial tires in China signifies a broader realignment of its business focus. The move reflects the company’s commitment to adapting to changing market dynamics, enhancing profitability, and redirecting resources to areas with strategic growth potential, particularly in the premium passenger car tire market.


Bridgestone remains dedicated to strategic decision-making to ensure its continued success and resilience in the dynamic global tire industry. As the company shifts its focus towards the premium passenger car tire market, it will be interesting to observe how this strategic realignment will impact Bridgestone’s future growth and profitability.

In conclusion, Bridgestone’s exit from the truck and bus tire market in China is a bold strategic move that underscores the company’s commitment to adapt to market dynamics and focus on areas with high growth potential. As the global tire industry continues to evolve, Bridgestone’s strategic decisions will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping its future trajectory.