Cambodia: This is TotalEnergies first-of-a-kind Solar Energy

Cambodia: This is TotalEnergies first-of-a-kind Solar Energy

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Jan. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Siem Reap based Kulara Water has commissioned TotalEnergies to design, install and operate the solar energy and energy storage solution for their bottling facility.

The innovative system combines a hybrid of solar energy and battery storage, providing energy continuously. This includes an on-site 650 kilowatt-peak (kWp) ground-mounted solar system connected to an 896 kilowatt-hours (kWh) battery system.

Margaret Forey, Chairwoman of Kulara Water, says it is an achievement in the company’s sustainability strategy.

“Our partnership with TotalEnergies represents the latest achievement in our sustainability strategy. It is just the beginning of our adoption of solar energy solutions to power our operations.”

Solar energy is used during the day and excess power is stored in the batteries for use during the night. The installation of the system was completed on January 3, 2022 and will improve Kulara Water’s energy efficiency, reduce power costs and ensure better access to power supply.

TotalEnergies will remain in partnership with Kulara Water for the next 15 years to ensure the safe production and storage of energy in the system.

This project is the latest environmental impact project by Kulara Water, who are widely recognized for their commitment to social and environmental impact as a keystone of their corporate strategy.

Growing Presence In Asia

For Gavin Adda, Head of TotalEnergies Renewables Distributed Generation Asia, the trust from clients testify’s to the company’s excellence.

“A strong, growing presence in Asia, and trusted by companies such as Kulara Water as the solar energy partner of choice, TotalEnergies provides a solution that fulfils both environmental sustainability and cost-saving goals.

“As a leading solar service provider for commercial and industrial businesses, we look forward to supporting manufacturing companies, such as Kulara Water, in driving down their carbon footprint, and use our global experts of tailor-made renewable solutions for any business energy needs.”

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As part of its ambition to get to net zero by 2050, TotalEnergies is building a portfolio of activities in renewables and electricity. At the end of September 2021, TotalEnergies’ gross renewable electricity generation capacity is 10 GW.

TotalEnergies will continue to expand this business to reach 35 GW of gross production capacity from renewable sources by 2025, and then 100 GW by 2030 with the objective of being among the world’s top 5 producers of electricity from wind and solar energy.