Camly Academy's successful launch in the U.S market

Camly Academy's successful launch in the U.S market

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Feb. 23, 2022 — Recently, Camly Academy of Camly Group successfully held an event to launch an educational platform in the US market with the topic: “Self-Education for Happiness: Good to Great” on February 22, 2022 to announce action mission towards sustainable education, global happiness.

The heart of the event focuses on the current situation and future solutions of the three fields of economy, education, and technology. Especially educating and clarifying the vision, mission, and core values of online education projects.

According to Ms Jennifer Polich, Camly Group’s Business Development Director for the US market, according to UNESCO research, in March 2020, more than 1.2 billion students in 186 countries were affected by school closures due to the pandemic that has led to unprecedented growth in distance learning enrollment.

Camly Academy’s platform

In addition, according to Mr. Cris Duy Tran, the Managing Director of the National Startup Fund, “the mindset of young people today has changed a lot, studying everywhere, in any circumstances. And technology is a very important factor that enhances creativity and makes learning and teaching more flexible.”

From the above, Chairman of Camly Group, Ms Camly Duong shared the reason for building the Camly Academy platform with the desire to share the message “EFFECTIVE LEARNING AND CREATE BIG VALUE”, so that people around the globe have a place to both learning and applying knowledge into practice, helping to retain knowledge and create immediate, long-term and sustainable value.

Throughout the program, guests, intellectuals and Camly Academy want to affirm that education will be one of the guidelines in reshaping experiences. Education combined with technology will allow us to access and update knowledge quickly to make informed decisions for individuals and groups. From there, to help society towards happiness and prosperity in harmony and humanity.

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