Cinema Verde: Indy Environmental Filmmakers submit your work now

Cinema Verde: Indy Environmental Filmmakers submit your work now

Environmental filmmakers from around the world are invited to submit their work for the festival and worldwide distribution via the streaming channel.

Cinema Verde is on a mission to provide environmental education from independent sources to international audiences through films presented at festivals, on a streaming platform, and at satellite screenings around the world.

A film festival of 13 years, and now a global streaming platform, Cinema Verde presents artistic and creative environmental films as a means to seek change on challenges and disasters such as pollution, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, global warming, environmental contamination, and social justice. 

Artistic Filmmakers

The selection process of the Cinema Verde festival films is based on the authentic storytelling of independent filmmakers who either offer an artistic way of spreading awareness for nature and society or exploring and offering concrete solutions to one of the many challenges we’re facing. The film curation is spearheaded by Trish Riley, long-time journalist and author writing on the environment, and founding director of Cinema Verde.

The annual film festival, held in Florida, is complemented by quarterly mini-festivals marketing the release of new films to the streaming platform Awarded films will be added to the film database, available to stream for members on a subscription fee. The revenue of the channel is divided among the filmmakers based on viewership on the films. 

The indie filmmakers are given speaking opportunities at the physical events, as well as in exclusive virtual interviews and roundtable talks on the Cinema Verde streaming platform. 

In today’s challenging times, we need the global creator community more inventive than ever to inspire change. Therefore, filmmakers are invited to submit their environmental short or feature films to give voice to different issues and represent all regions of the world.