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Cinema Verde means green is the future of mankind

Cinema Verde means green is the future of mankind

Cinema Verde, a non-profit dedicated to broadening the reach of environmental education through 13 years of environmental film festivals, makes its catalog now available as a streaming platform.

The current database will be expanded to include more than 120 festival films during the upcoming Cinema Verde film festival, which will take place this February.

The festival selection: Get inspired by the introduction of this year’s festival featured environmental filmmakers.

Independent, award-winning environmental filmmakers will be featured in the Q&A “Ask An Environmental Filmmaker” throughout 12th and 13th February 2022.

Join Ask An Environmental Filmmaker as part of the Director Roundtable in a livestream.

Joep van Dijk: “I think we’re working far too much, and that prevents us from connecting with the planet, and it makes us numb.”

CO2? CO-Nee! directed By Joep van Dijk

Joep van Dijk is a passionate climate scientist. He likes to search for extreme examples that show how life can be lived sustainably. This documentary follows Joep on his CO2-neutral journey from Amsterdam to the United States of America and shows how this choice inspires himself and others to live a climate conscious life.

Dr Kate Adams and Alkis Papastathopoulos: “One of the problems we have in our relationship with nature is that we quite often separate out scientific enquiry from our emotional relationship with the world.”

One Day We Will Dance With You directed by Alkis Papastathopoulos

One Day We Will Dance with You tells the story of two women creating a dance to celebrate water. They imagine dance moves, and argue about science and whether a celebration can still be sad. As the community around them comes together to dance, they begin to imagine a future where the Water Molecule Dance and the celebration of water becomes a part of all our lives.

“The question is how many elephants are there in Nigeria? We don’t know, which is quite shocking.”

Ayoola Afolakemi Kassim:

Earthfile – Elephant Protection directed by Ayoola Afolakemi Kassim

In recent years there have been many reports of hunters killing elephants across the country. A combination of climate change (which has reduced amounts of fresh water the elephants need), poaching, human-elephant conflict and deforestation is a major challenge.

Earthfile focuses on the current problem climate change has caused for the elephants, in terms of habitat loss and the cause of the human-elephant conflicts in Nigeria.

It also looks at the efforts of conservationists (trained professionals and those without formal education) in the protection of the elephant population. It talks about their successes and failure, and how humans can live in harmony with the elephants.

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