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Coffee Lovers Here Is The Nespresso ‘Summer Rituals’

Coffee Lovers Here Is The Nespresso ‘Summer Rituals’

Nespresso teams up with local public figures to embrace positivity

Amidst our busy routine and fast-paced lifestyle, we sometimes forget to pause and embrace positivity and cherish the ‘feel good’ moments in our daily lives. To remind people of what matters, Nespresso introduces ‘Summer Rituals’ to provide coffee lovers with positive inspiration and encourage them to press the reset button and practice new habits that will take them to where they want to be. 

Nespresso teams up with several Malaysian public figures to advocate for positivity through better routines and lifestyles as well as actionable wellness practices, inspired by the Brazilian vibes echoing through summer. Each of these public figures has their favourite go-to iced coffees to correlate their daily lifestyles with Summer Rituals.

Let us take a closer look at how they embrace positivity and inject ‘feel good’ moments into their coffee recipes from the Nespresso Barista Creations for Ice coffee range.

Scha Alyahya and her refreshing coffee moments with the Brazilian-Inspired Mocktail

Getting her coffee fix every morning helps Scha Alyahya reconnect with herself and keep her alert throughout the day, to help her balance work, family and personal life. A model, actress and TV host, Scha Alyahya loves her mandatory hot coffee in the morning, and prefers something light but refreshing in the afternoon, such as iced coffee. 

When Nespresso introduces the brand-new Barista Creations Liminha over Ice and its curated iced coffee recipe – Brazilian-Inspired Mocktail – she immediately added it to her favourite coffee list. The sweet and sour flavours of the passion fruit in the mocktail perfectly elevate the already-refreshing coffee blend of the Barista Creations Liminha over Ice. It is a wonderful coffee recipe coffee lovers wouldn’t want to miss out, especially during the more humid days.

“I love how easy it is to make this Nespresso iced coffee recipe with short preparation time, even at my own home. The refreshing flavour of this tropical mocktail quenches my thirst while giving me an immediate mood boost in the middle of the day,” Scha shared. 

Bringing the Brazilian summer to coffee lovers this year, the latest limited-edition Barista Creations Liminha over Ice is a classic tropical combination that meets the light and delicately fruity Arabica. A lemony sweetness and a hint of bitterness emerges in this coffee made for ice.

Jasmine Suraya’s secret in keeping cool with Coconut Flavour Over Ice Coffee Frappé

An avid traveller, Jasmine is always on-the-go but cannot go without her daily dose of coffee. Describing herself as a true-blue Malaysian, Jasmine likes refreshing tropical ingredients such as coconut, and that is the very reason for her choice in the Coconut Flavour Over Ice Coffee Frappé to tide her through during hot weather.  

The delicious sweetness of the coconut blends beautifully with the roasted caramelly notes and adds an exotic twist to the Coconut Flavour Over Ice Coffee Frappé. 

“The simplicity of Coconut Flavour Over Ice Coffee Frappé is the perfect summer treat for me. With my personal barista at home, the Nespresso Atelier, the cold milk pairs beautifully with the highest-quality coffee. It accentuates the luxurious milky coconut taste and brings out that hint of sweet vanilla, making it my perfect summer retreat drink,” said Jasmine.

The limited-edition Nespresso Barista Creations Coconut Flavour Over Ice Coffee Frappé indulges coffee drinker with that rounded toasted cereal mouthfeel while keeping its delicate Latin American Arabica espresso intact.

Diana Danielle finds the perfect balance in the Freddo Intenso Fig Banana Shake

Just like many coffee enthusiasts, actress Diana Danielle can’t go a day without her coffee as it powers her through the most tiring days. When it comes to her usual coffee order, Diana is loyal; she likes to indulge in an iced latte with a strong coffee aroma, and the Freddo Intenso Fig Banana Shake lands right in her heart.

The sweet, delicate notes from fig and banana complement the fruity note in the Barista Creations for Ice Freddo Intenso coffee without taking away the strong base of coffee aroma that coffee lovers enjoy the most. 

“The Freddo Intenso Fig Banana Shake strikes a perfect balance between fruity notes and coffee aroma from the medium-dark roasted coffee beans. They complement each note in the cup. I love how Nespresso stays true to the taste of coffee while introducing a novelty twist and exciting taste through this recipe,” said Diana.

The seasonal Barista Creations for Ice Freddo Intenso refreshes coffee drinkers with the bold, roast taste of South American Arabica and Indonesia Arabica beans. It brings out some fruitiness and keep the coffee’s sweetness in the balance – ground especially for a delicious experience over ice!

Jason Loo takes pleasure in taking a sip of Freddo Delicato Maracuja Frappe between breaks

Who says a barista cannot have their own go-to favourite summer coffee recipe? When not busy perfecting his latte art, Jason loves to take small sips of the Freddo Delicato Maracuja Frappe to keep cool and refreshed throughout the day. 

The hint of passionfruit in the beverage complements the juicy fruit flavours of the lightly roasted coffee blend, which delivers a delicate aroma that alleviates the tastebuds. To take one step further and enrich the recipe, Jason likes to incorporate cold milk in the chilled-out coffee to bring out the sweet notes of toffee caramel and vanilla that glides smoothly in the mouth.

According to Jason, “The Freddo Delicato coffee consist of a juicy Kenyan Arabica blend that harmonises perfectly with the Indonesian Java coffee which delivers a delicate note that refreshes your palate. The Barista Creations for Ice Freddo Delicato has that superior coffee quality. As you sip the coffee, it gives you a dual experience on your tastebuds – from a short juicy acidity to heightened bright citrus notes.”

The seasonal Barista Creations for Ice Freddo Delicato refreshes coffee drinkers with a citrus note, roast taste of Kenyan Arabica and Indonesia Java coffee beans.

Liven up coffee rituals with Nespresso summer iced coffee recipes

Nespresso invites all coffee lovers to have a taste of the wonderful Summer iced coffee recipes – they are easy to make and exceptionally delicious! With just a simple touch of a button on the Nespresso coffee machines – be it the Nespresso Atelier or the Nespresso Essenza Mini – coffee drinkers should ready themselves for a feel-good moment with Nespresso coffees. 

With the Nespresso Atelier, coffee lovers can be the craftsman in creating their own coffee moments. Be it hot or iced, the coffee machine allows drinkers to enjoy a variety of coffee recipes (at least 9 recipes!) with a simple touch of a button, from cappuccino to flat white, latte macchiato or even mocha. Meanwhile, the Nespresso Essenza Mini is perfect for coffee drinks who are looking for compact-size machine that doesn’t compromise on taste. Built with sleek style, the Essenza Mini provides a flavourful access to the world of Nespresso coffees.

The limited-edition Nespresso Liminha Over Ice and Coconut Flavour Over Ice are priced at RM29.50 per sleeve while the Barista Creations for Ice Freddo Intenso and Freddo Delicato retails for RM26.50 per sleeve. Meanwhile, the Nespresso Atelier is available at RM1,799 while the Nespresso Essenza Mini is for sale at RM649.

To double the excitement, Nespresso Malaysia is having a promotion on its range of coffee machine, where customers can enjoy a 30% discount when they purchase the machine with any five sleeves of coffee.