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Covid-19: Over half of Category 4, 5 patients continue to show symptoms for 12 weeks or more, says MOH - The Star Online

PUTRAJAYA: More than half of Category 4 and 5 Covid-19 patients suffer from post-Covid syndrome or “long Covid”, a Health Ministry study has shown.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said in a clinical study conducted by the ministry on 1, 004 category 4 and 5 Covid-19 patients, 66% of them were found to have “long Covid”.

He said that this results in patients continuing to show symptoms for 12 weeks or more.

The symptoms include fatigue, breathing difficulties, insomnia, cough and anxiety.

“This condition results from the complications brought by the Covid-19 infection to the functions of various organs in an individual’s body, ” said Dr Noor Hisham.

Generally, he said, clinical data shows that a majority of Covid-19 patients in Malaysia are able to fully recover.

Dr Noor Hisham said Covid-19 patients who have been discharged from hospitalisation will be given follow-up treatment appointments.

“Former Covid-19 patients who continue to display symptoms are advised to seek medical advice and treatment from the nearest clinic or hospitals.

“This is important to ensure the health levels of former Covid-19 patents are at a good stage and to avoid the risks of long-term complications, ” he said.

For now, treatment given is mainly symptomatic relief – based on the symptoms displayed by the patient and functions of the organs involved.

“The Ministry will continue to conduct clinical studies to understand and identify the effects of the post-Covid syndrome, and new developments will be conveyed to the public from time to time, ” he said.

Dr Noor Hisham also called on the Malaysian public – especially youths – to stay away from the dangers of Covid-19.

“Register yourselves to be vaccinated so you can reduce the risk of being infected by severe Covid-19. This is because the effects can be prolonged, and it will affect a person’s quality of life as well as productivity.

“Remember, the youths are the main group of workers for various sectors in our country. Healthy young people are the key to the country’s productivity, ” said Dr Noor Hisham.