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Delivering Dreams via the Internet and it works

Delivering Dreams via the Internet and it works

FORT BRAGG, Calif., Jan. 02, 2022 — FloBeds celebrates twenty-five years of delivering sleep and customized latex mattresses through its website: Through snow, rain, heat, gloom of night or pandemic, the Dream Team at FloBeds has been delivering natural latex mattresses designed for each sleeper.

Recognizing the need for beauty and sleep, FloBeds use some of its pandemic time to develop a hard maple slatted platform.  

In the competitive world of internet retail, it turns out Customer Service is still king. Many online mattress businesses struggled with backing up their sales with service.    As the General Manager Dewey Turner noted:  “Whether your FloBed latex mattress is one year old or 19 years old, we are always ready to adjust the firmness to make it just right with our 20 year Goldilocks Guarantee.”      

When asked what has been the hardest part of manufacturing mattresses during the pandemic, Dewey says: “Supply chain, hands down. We are used to shipping to our customers with-in 3 days… these last two years we have had to spend a day a week with logistics and supply. We did it and were able to have some of best months ever. Of course our best source of business is our customers telling friends and family.”  

FloBeds plans on another 25 years of personalized sleep, starting in 2022.