Dell Tech’s Insights on How to Navigate a Hybrid Work Future

Dell Tech’s Insights on How to Navigate a Hybrid Work Future

In a research paper titled “Leading the Next Hybrid Workforce”, here are expert insights to complement Dell Technologies’ findings from the Remote Work Readiness (RWR) Index.

It investigates the role of organisations in designing a hybrid work future and encapsulating recommendations from four experts – namely  Mallory Loone, co-founder of learning and engagement firm Work Inspires in Malaysia, Australian RMIT lecturer Dr Julian Waters-Lynch, Japan-based management consultant Rochelle Kopp, as well as NUS lecturer Dr Rashimah Rajah from Singapore.

A quick summary from the media advisory:

The research paper shared insights on three key imperatives that organisations must prioritise as they lay the foundations for a successful and sustainable hybrid work arrangement from LeadershipStructure to Culture.

Leading with empathy and intent

  • Leaders have defining role to play to assemble building blocks of hybrid work future
  • To establish fundamental and innovative changes in organisation, while demonstrate empathy and compassion towards employees
  • To establish trust with employees and embrace an outcome-driven mindset

Creating a thoughtful hybrid work structure

  • Employers must take the time to learn more about their employees’ preferences to help them succeed in a remote work environment
  • Employers should co-design an inclusive hybrid workplace to allow more open communications

Making culture-building deliberate

  • Deliberate efforts are required in building culture and learning and development space to preserve and spark creativity, innovation and collaboration
  • Organisations should consider to redirect budgets saved from daily office expenses to investing in dedicated and regular activities for social engagement among employees

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