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DIY Solar makes a big contribution to empower new gens

DIY Solar makes a big contribution to empower new gens

SOUTH SHORE, MASS., UNITED STATES, February 26, 2022 — DIY Solar Company isn’t just a company; it’s a movement. The company has been empowering younger generations to enter the solar power industry.

They are now leading the charge for the solar movement through the high-quality, affordable options DIY Solar offers.

Founded through a passion for sustainable energy, DIY Solar is now taking on more of an advocacy role by encouraging people to take ownership of their own energy needs and move away from traditional fossil fuels. Through this movement, they hope to see a world powered entirely by renewable sources.

“The younger generation can make an enormous impact in the community,” saiys DIY Solar founder and CEO Matthew Ciocci.

“Not many 16 to 18-year-olds can say they are helping people as much as we are by saving thousands of dollars each year during a time when electric bills are rising. For that, I am very proud of the movement we are building.”

Located in Pembroke, Massachusetts, at 20 Corporate Park Drive, Unit 160, DIY Solar Company is licensed to install in all six New England states and has made a major impact on the solar industry over the last few years. DIY Solar Company offers solar panels and solar panel installation and batteries, generators, roofs and electric heat pumps. The company also offers custom DIY solar kits to all 50 states.

DIY Solar helps homeowners

Solar energy is better for the environment and decreases energy costs. The average utility rate is $0.236, with a monthly bill of around $295.37. By switching to solar, homeowners will see savings, or even the complete elimination of their electric bills.

DIY Solar Company is a trusted household name and resource helping homeowners shift to solar power. Ciocci knows solar truly makes a difference when done the right way. Its success is based on its commitment to doing things the right way, from installation to customer service. The company has been featured on several major media outlets, such as MarketWatch.

DIY Solar is well-known for having the best solar installs in New England. The company is fully licensed and insured with all equipment manufacturers 100% safety certified and based in the U.S. DIY Solar Company is a BBB Accredited Business with 5-Star ratings on all platforms.

Excelling at custom home solutions, their software is programmed to map out all 365 days of the yearly production for highly predictable production numbers and maximized local incentives.

With a DIY Solar solution, homeowners can monitor their systems 24/7 from a smartphone app. The app provides data such as how much energy appliances use, production and consumption monitoring, energy exported to the grid and the status of every panel on the system.

In addition to helping homeowners, Ciocci and his management team teach the high school team everything they need to know about solar and valuable information applicable to everyday life.

“DIY Solar Company was centered around the idea of helping the community, not by making sales,” Ciocci said. “In doing so, our sales have quadrupled. People like working with honest people, and that’s what we bring to the table.”

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