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Easy on the Eyes and your Pocket!

Easy on the Eyes and your Pocket!

With a dizzying selection of TVs available on the market, it can be challenging to pinpoint the perfect one that best suits your needs.

The good news is that these days, you can easily find a Smart TV that’s packed with all the latest features and highest specifications, without breaking the bank. For example, with Samsung’s Crystal UHD TVs, you can transform nearly any scene from any game, movie, or app into the ultimate viewing experience while staying at an affordable price point.

Bringing Color to Life

The Crystal Display ensures optimized color expression and highlights every subtlety, allowing viewers to enjoy superior picture quality. All the heavy lifting is done by the Crystal Processor 4K chip that orchestrates colour, optimizes high contrast ratio, and masters High Dynamic Range (HDR). With Dynamic Crystal Colour, images on the screen take on lifelike variations and expressions due to its sophisticated colour mapping technology. 

This hyper-realism is heightened by the TV’s 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) screen, which goes beyond the standard Full HD approach with 4x more pixels, resulting in clear and sharp images for your viewing pleasure. Adding to that, HDR increases the range of light levels on your TV to enjoy a dazzling spectrum of color, clarity, and all other visual details in even the darkest scenes. 

Vibrant colours that pop on the Crystal Display.

Barely-there Boundless Design 

The 3-side Boundless Design gives viewers a fully immersive cinematic experience.

Technical specifications aside, viewers want a sleek and stylish TV unit that caters to their aesthetic sensibilities. The Crystal 4K UHD TV is crafted with a modern, minimalistic style that appeals from every angle. With an ultra-thin profile and signature 3-side Boundless Design, this TV is the perfect accessory to complete any room. In addition, viewers can choose a screen size that best fits their spatial needs, with seven options ranging from 43” to 85”. 

Thoughtfully designed for those who love to stay organized, the Crystal 4K UHD offers a neat solution for keeping all those unsightly cables and cords tidy, hiding them directly in the TV stand itself. This helps to reduce clutter so you can fully enjoy the TV’s beautiful design without those pesky wires in sight. 

The Air Slim is designed to enhance your room’s style without dominating it

Crystal UHD features an ultra-thin profile, allowing your TV to blend effortlessly with your interior for a minimalist look that stands out ever so elegantly.

Stream and Share Effortlessly

Mirroring movies or music from your mobile device to TV is as simple as a tap. Using the Tap View feature, all you have to do is tap your TV with your mobile device, and the TV automatically mirrors your device’s content. Apple users have a similar option, with AirPlay 2 built-in—you can effortlessly stream or share content from your iPhone, iPad and Mac directly onto your TV.

Share content from your mobile device with one simple tap.

With one press of a button, users can share movies, photos, music, or any other content from their smartphone or tablet with their TV, while still using the mobile device. This seamless convergence allows viewers easy access to an ever-expanding content ecosystem.

Transition Between Work and Play 

As the lines between work and play become increasingly intertwined, a TV is no longer just an entertainment unit. Those who need to work from home can access their PC and laptop from the TV, taking advantage of the 4K UHD screen to make work a little easier on the eyes. The Crystal Processor 4K chip instantly transforms everything you watch into 4k resolution—all you need to do is connect a device to one of the HDMI ports. 

Avid gamers will be able to launch their games faster with Game Enhancer. This will optimize your screen, so you have more control with barely noticeable input lag, allowing the user to experience a faster in-game reaction time in its most impressive form, without motion blur. 

The Samsung Crystal 4K UHD is a great option for buyers looking to balance price and performance. If you’re looking for a 4K UHD TV to elevate your viewing experience and redefine display, then this is the right TV for you. To inspire your next purchase, find out more about Samsung Smart TV features that go beyond the role of a TV to meet your changing lifestyle: