Education in The Post-covid World

Education in The Post-covid World
Dr. Sri Rahmany, SE.I. ME.Sy Instsitute Islamic Economic Bengkalis 

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, there was a very significant change in the world of education. There are positive and negative impacts when implementing the learning process during the pandemic.

Positively, both educators, parents and students are required to learn and master technology. In general, the world of education at this time is more about the use of technology so that it is not only educators and students who are required to understand it, parents are also obliged to learn it.

Other positive impressions left by the COVID-19 pandemic include the implementation of online activities, both seminars and workshops, where the implementation can be carried out anytime and anywhere, making it easier for universities to interact with each other to realize the three pillars of higher education (education, research and community service).

However, it is possible that the negative impact will also have a major impression on the world of education. Where most of the students are more introverted and do not have a good relationship with their friends.

They have a mindset that is less competitive and has difficulty interacting with the outside world. This is also felt in the learning process where students find it difficult to understand or respond to the information provided.

So, we as educators have difficulty in conveying the material. Educators must be more proactive and accompany material with moral and spiritual values ​​to become a frame for learning so that students are more focused and understand the meaning of the knowledge they are acquiring.

Some theories say that to improve the quality of education, special attention is needed in the process carried out, not only giving and receiving but also creating a generation that is competent and qualified in their field.

The solution that I can share here for all universities is where to reduce the negative impacts that occur. That both the government and universities should make a policy, namely enrichment.

In this strategy, all educators do a re-review of every material that has been submitted so that they can recall the previous materials. Productively, if the learning time is not sufficient, it would be nice to have an extra schedule for the implementation of the enrichment system.

That should be done for students to be more focused in remembering their lessons. However, not all learning processes carry an enrichment system. It should apply to only materials that are considered difficult to understand online, one of which is practicum courses and research methodology. Where students are required to work on and find something without just playing with theories.