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ELMLAB-GPS Fleet to launch digital telemetry solutions for 4G-5G networks

ELMLAB-GPS Fleet to launch digital telemetry solutions for 4G-5G networks

Kuala Lumpur, 7 January 2022 – Tech solutions company, ELMLAB, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with fleet management and logistics technology solutions provider, GPS Fleet, to launch telemetry digital telemetry solutions in fleet management, leveraging on 4G/ 5G initiatives. With the ever-growing utilisation of digital telemetry solutions such as found in Internet of Things (IoT) devices nationwide, ELMLAB is committed in its partnership with GPS Fleet, championing the accelerated adoption of Internet of Things to help drive forth Malaysia’s advancement towards the fifth Industry Revolution (5IR).

According to the terms of the MoU, ELMLAB will be looking to develop the telemetry tracker, enabling more digital telemetry solutions in the market. Meanwhile, GPS Fleet will work with commercial vehicle partners in the industry to accelerate the adoption of digital telemetry solutions like driver monitoring systems that feature facial recognition and live monitoring of companies’ fleets through 4G and 5G connectivity. This system delivers accurate detections of fatigue, distraction, smoking and bad driving behaviours. This partnership aims to introduce ELMLAB’s telemetry tracker to a wider industry,  marking the company’s first step towards a vision of providing sustainable technological solutions for more Malaysian businesses.

“In an era when the global economy is being transformed by IoT solutions and tools, we believe that the telemetry tracker will be essential for industries in Malaysia. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with GPS Fleet to help businesses incorporate IoT-enabled solutions. By increasing the efficiency of their fleet management whilst ensuring the safety of their assets and drivers, we hope to move towards establishing a robust digital supply chain in future,” shares Choo Tzer Maan, Director of ELMLAB. 

“With the rising interest in digital adoption over the last two years, we are excited to embark on this partnership with ELMLAB to bring a locally engineered telemetry tracker into the market, offering solutions that will ensure that organizations like logistics companies and car manufacturers, among others, will have access to driver monitoring and live monitoring of vehicles to improve road safety”, states Michael Chin, CEO of GPS Fleet.

Competitive Global Stage

With the government’s rollout of the 5G network this year, it is evident that Malaysian businesses are in need of a radical technological leap to remain competitive on the global stage. This can be achieved through the growth of IoT use amongst other technologies.

As a high-tech solutions provider with research and development at its core, ELMLAB aims to assist Malaysian businesses in establishing customised and pertinent technology innovations to catch up with the country’s rapid strides towards 5G implementation and the fifth industrial revolution (5IR). Established in 2015, ELMLAB specializes in  providing services such as Research and Development as a Service (RnDaaS), product manufacturing and office automation.

GPS Fleet, on the other hand, specializes in designing the right operations ecosystem for companies, focusing particularly on fleet and logistics management. The company establishes 24/7 vehicular monitoring systems that are geared towards more streamlined transport management, order fulfillments, warehouse and asset management. Ultimately, the company aims to help businesses establish a digital supply chain system that leverages on the cloud and 4G/5G data.  

“More than our enthusiasm to join the highly accelerated digitization movement, we believe that every advancement that businesses take should help Malaysia secure a spot in the global value chain. By relying on locally engineered hardware, local businesses can continue building their confidence in local suppliers, thus contributing more sustainably to the local economy,” added Tzer Maan. 

Moving forward, ELMLAB is looking to participate in autonomous vehicle projects and develop 5G applications that would be ready for Starlink, a recent advancement in broadband technology.