DECEMBER 2021, KUALA LUMPUR –Following the major flood that hit Selangor recently, many flood victims are now faced with a crippling financial burden capable of destroying their economy. Observations done by The Patriots on location found that victims are not only affected by the flood but also traumatised by the impending financial burden due to the calamity.

En. Mohd Jaafar Shaik Fareed of GTuned Motorsport revealed that the total cost to clean the interior and exterior of a vehicle can reach up to RM4,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Four Thousand) while the cost to restore a vehicle can exceed RM10,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Ten Thousand). GTuned Motorsport offers car washing and repair services according to OEM standards. Currently, they are in the process of repair and restore 40 cars with an over 200 cars in the waiting list.

‘Vehicles effected by flood, especially those within near proximity of a river are the hardest to clean due to sludge and mud sticking to the interior and exterior of the vehicle,’ he said. ‘Most of the vehicles effected by the flood are neither covered by OEM nor the insurance companies.’ Realising the high cost, victims may likely opt to forgo the vehicle and unwittingly increase the amount of stranded unclaimed vehicles rather than pay the restoration costs.

‘Vehicles are a necessity for city dwellers as it is one of their mode to gain income,’ said En. Jamalee Bashah, President of The Patriots. ‘Without a functioning vehicle, city dwellers will be faced with problems in going about their daily lives as well as going to work.’ Jamalee Bashah was among the victims effected by the recent flood in Hulu Langat last week and has now joined the relief efforts to help other victims in Hulu Langat through The Patriots NGO. The Patriots NGO also received donations from the public to ease the burden bourne by the victims. Aside from giving the victims food and goods aid, they also provide home cleaning

services as well as transporting and disposing of large furniture through Roll-On/Roll-Off bin rental (RORO).

‘Victims are traumatised by the impending financial burden due to this unprecedented flood. Aside from vehicle damage, there are a number of other damages that they had to bear. At the same time, they need to go back to work as soon as possible to ensure the continuation financial support for their families. We urge the government to consider allowing a one-off withdrawal from their EPF savings to ensure their livelihood,’ added Jamalee. ‘In addition, we also hope that the government re-evaluate the existing aid distribution process to ensure that the claims process can be resolved more easily,’ he concluded.

To date, Chief Operating Officer of Patriots Holding, Syazrul Aqram sent a proposal to political party offices from the government and the opposition to also urge for the approval to be expedited. Through their assistance, it is hopes that all aid can be accelerated, economic activities will be able to be revived, thus ensuring that the country’s recovery process can continue.