Catch and Kill Scheme in Trump's Case...

The case against Trump looks more like a catch and kill of his political career by his opponents, say his supporters and some Republican Party officials

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Former President Donald Trump has been indicted on 34 felony charges related to a "catch and kill" scheme. This news has sparked mixed reactions from politicians, media outlets, and New Yorkers. The international community has remained quiet on the matter, while both Republicans and Democrats have weighed in.

The "catch and kill" scheme refers to a process where negative stories are bought and then suppressed to protect reputations. In Trump's case, he is accused of orchestrating this scheme through a series of payments and causing false entries in business records.

The charges against Trump are all class E felonies, which carry a maximum penalty of four years in jail under New York state legal code. However, it appears unlikely that he would serve jail time if convicted.

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Catch and Kill Trump's Career?

New Yorkers have reacted with celebration and relief to Trump's indictment, while some exonerated men have called it "karma." The international media has been actively reporting on the indictment, but world leaders have remained silent on the issue.

Trump's supporters have rallied with him leading the large group of people and condemning the authorities for 'persecution'.

The indictment of a former US President is a historic event, and the outcome of this case will be closely watched.

Political Divide

The case against Trump worsens the political divide in the US, with some observers saying this might turn to be a boost for Trump in some states. Others believe it is the end of the road for the Republican leader who is tipped to win the party's ticket for the 2024 Presidential Elections.

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