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Genetec Scales New Heights with Highest Annual Profit to Date

Genetec Scales New Heights with Highest Annual Profit to Date

BANGI, Malaysia, May 26, 2022 – – Technology leader in providing fully customised, intelligent manufacturing automation solutions, Genetec Technology Bhd announced its best annual performance to date for the financial year ended March 31, 2022.

The Company recorded RM58.1 million profit after tax up 1,420.5% from a loss of RM4.4 million in the preceding year.

Annual revenue stood at an all-time high at RM223.6 million, up by 130.3% versus RM97.1 million for the period, driven by the electric vehicle and energy storage segments. Correspondingly, earnings per share stood at 7.90 sen for the period, up by 1,395.1% from -0.61 sen.

For the fourth quarter year ended 31 March 2022 (Q4FY2022), Genetec’s PAT stood at RM14.0 million, an increase of 333.3% compared to the loss of RM6.0 million in the corresponding quarter for FY2021. Quarter on quarter revenue stood at RM58.7 million, up by 348.1% versus RM13.1 million for the corresponding quarter.

In comparison with the preceding quarter, Genetec’s Q4FY2022 PAT came in lower by 28.6% compared to RM19.6 million posted in the preceding quarter due to the shorter operating period.

Genetec high discipline

The Company continued to maintain a high level of discipline in cost management to moderate the effects of the shorter quarter. Revenue for Q4FY2022 stood at RM58.7 million, a decrease of 10.1% compared to RM65.3 million of the preceding quarter.

Genetec also announced the approval to proceed with a property acquisition from Utusan Melayu Malaysia Bhd (UMMB) in Bandar Baru Bangi. The said property comprises a parcel of land of 6.348 hectares or 683,293 square feet (sq ft), and buildings within the said area with a total gross floor area of 301,509 sq ft and will be purchased at RM53 million.

Genetec said, “Through this acquisition, we aim to consolidate most of our design and development, machining centers and machine assembly in Bandar Baru Bangi to increase further capacity to cater for future demand.

On the overall, the EV and energy storage segments remained dominant contributors to Genetec’s overall revenues with expectations for said segments to grow further in the coming quarters.

Genetec says, “Sales of electric cars worldwide hit 6.6 million in 2021, almost doubling from the previous year. For context, in 2012, only 120,000 electric cars were sold.

“Today, the same number is sold every week[1]. Due to the population growth and increase in affluence, there is a shift to the current technology driven by the global adoption of renewable energy solutions. Most recently, the European Union announced plans to increase efforts in solar and wind power to hasten the region’s shift to green energy.

“To achieve this, the EU’s proposal is to allocate EUR210bn (RM987 billion) over the next five years to phase out fossil fuels such that 45% of their energy mix should come from renewables by 2030. This is an advance on the current 40% target suggested less than a year ago[2] and reinforces the seriousness of the move towards electric and renewables. It also amplifies the urgency of the need for more focus and resource allocation to these segments.”

Team strength

On their part, Genetec is also ramping up their team strength. In 2021, the Company increased their staff strength by 100 to support the increased workload and job orders.

“Our investments have always been in Malaysia. Likewise, all our staff are local. We believe in hiring and training local talent and this is evident in our staff force. From our founding members, senior leadership, to staff, most of our staff joined us fresh out of university or technical school and have risen within the ranks to manager and senior managerial levels.

“The staff stability is crucial to ensure continuity and to provide assurance to our clients that we have the right people and experience to consistently deliver quality products and service.”

Genetec says it has been an eventful, challenging but rewarding year with many new developments and milestones. Genetec has been working hard to ensure we deliver on our orders in a timely manner, especially given the ongoing geopolitical and economic headwinds.

“We are also working closely with our clients to ensure we remain a key and important partner in supplying automation solutions. We are also sharpening our focus on managing our supply chain operations, from planning and demand forecasting, sourcing, and materials management to logistics. Working closely with our suppliers is critical to mitigating possible supply-chain disruptions or delivery challenges that will affect our ability to deliver our orders in a timely manner.”

“In the meantime, we remain optimistic that our efforts to deepen our client’s share-of-pocket will yield results in the coming quarters. Our pipeline remains robust, backed by the accelerating demand for EVs across major markets worldwide.”

Moving forward, Genetec remains focused on growing our workforce and deepening their knowledge and skillsets, especially in EV and energy storage.

“We are also building on our capacity to be able to take on new orders and projects from existing and new customers. We are committed to growing sustainably whilst developing new growth pathways for local talent to contribute to the progress of the local automation technology segment in Malaysia.”

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[2] Source: EU plans ‘massive’ increase in green energy to help end reliance on Russia (ACN Newswire)

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