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Germany: State PM Declares Green Energy Transition ‘Failed’

Germany: State PM Declares Green Energy Transition ‘Failed’

The Prime Minister of the German Federal state of Saxony claimed that Germany’s efforts to transition to green renewable energy have “failed” before urging the government to reconsider its decision to abandon nuclear power in order to prevent a catastrophe.

Germany had long held on to the idea that pushing its climate-crazy green agenda further would solve its energy difficulties and that the nation would be able to shut down all of its nuclear power facilities without incident after becoming addicted to Russian gas exports.

However, as the nation may experience gas shortages and blackouts over the winter, according to a report by Handelsblatt, Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer has declared the government’s green transition to be a failure and is now demanding that the nation’s remaining nuclear power plants remain operational.

Green Energy transition failed

He reportedly declared, “The energy transition with gas as the base load has failed,” with the publication emphasising that, even prior to the present gas crisis, green energy had difficulty supplying enough electricity in the nation last winter.

The nuclear power plants “must continue to function as long as the federal government has not devised a new strategy for the energy transition,” he continued, as reported by Breitbart.

Kretschmer called the government’s intention to restart a coal power plant “madness” in light of the current plan to shut down Germany’s remaining nuclear units by January 2023.