Global Corporates Were Heading For Sparbar!

Global Corporates Were Heading For Sparbar!

Sparbar Ltd. hosted over 50 fitness industry movers and shakers to this year’s global SPARBAR Corporate Event.

Participants included Amy Zhou, chair of the United Nationals Sports Culture Foundation in Asia, Professor Mark Watson-Gandy, British corporate lawyer and educationalist, and Ray McCline, Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame President & Founder, amongst the other highly valued SPARBAR® board members and mission and vision supporters. The 3-day-event took place at the iconic Institute of Directors in London, included a visit to the UK warehouse facility, and a visit to a boxing community gym in Leamington Spa, UK.

Jasvinder “Jazz” Gill, innovator in boxing equipment, founder of the SPARBAR brand and CEO and President of Sparbar Ltd (UK) and Sparbar Inc (USA), took the opportunity of a rare meeting in times of a global pandemic to share the drive and passion behind SPARBAR®.

“We are in online meetings and calls all the time, but it was a chance for the corporate stakeholders to experience the brand up close and personal,” Jazz says about the event.

“The driving force, and what the SPARBAR® brand really is about, is the youth,” Jazz started his introductory speech. About 60 kids worldwide are currently part of the SPARBAR® kids & youth talent development programs.

Three of them, SPARBAR® ambassadors Jaya AKA Jayweather, 11-year-old England Boxing Champion, with best friend Serena Mali, 12-year-old England Boxing Champion, and Jayden ‘The Predator’ Price, 9-year-old World Champion in Boxing, joined to showcase their impressive skills on the SPARBAR® PRO to the boxing and fitness industry professionals.

About the journey of SPARBAR® as a brand, Jazz said: “We are flying the British flag of innovation.” The UK born-and-raised also spoke about the decade he bootstrapped Sparbar from a “stick-in-a-bucket” idea to the global brand it is today, first becoming a viral sensation in 2015.

The annual global corporate event was a celebration of all the great work that has been done throughout the pandemic, where the SPARBAR PRO® came into action mostly as the perfect home workout device. The event offered a look behind the scenes and a retrospective of the journey that made the success.

Jazz: “What makes a brand truly successful are the values, is your ethos. That will take you where you need to go.” The advocate for inclusion and diversity closed with the words: “SPARBAR® is all about change.”

Photo Caption: Jasvinder “Jazz” Gill, innovator in boxing equipment, founder of the SPARBAR®