Good car maintenance and regular services increase its value

Good car maintenance and regular services increase its value

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 7 April 2022 – Good car maintenance and regular services of your vehicle will only increase its resale value.

And with the economic sectors beginning to recover and regain momentum in the first quarter of 2022, there will be newer vehicle models coming our way by many automotive brands.

This can only mean that more pre-owned cars will be ready to be sold off to the pre-owned car market to make room for that swanky new ride.

Dillion Goh, Country Manager of Bosch AA says, Bosch AA aims to educate both new and pre-owned car owners on how to maintain and ensure the longevity of their vehicles.

It is also advocating the importance of using high quality and reputable automotive car parts.

“Many car owners neglect the use of proper and reputable automotive replacement parts and services only to find out later that this can further devalue their cars.

“A vehicle which has a good service record and uses parts by reputable brands such as Bosch, have a better resale value in the pre-owned vehicle industry. Bosch has about 65 authorised Bosch workshops in Malaysia, and all our mechanics and technicians are ever ready to offer service consultations and advices on any car issues owners may have.

“From us at Bosch, we see this as an opportunity to share some insights from our 50 years of experience in the Malaysian industry to help vehicle owners understand how they can increase their car worth. We are grateful to and FMCCAM to join us in this journey as we all share a common goal”, Goh adds.

In the last quarter of 2021, the pre-owned industry began to see an increase of sales of pre-owned cars. But are these cars being sold fast enough?

car maintenance a contributing factor

Many pre-owned vehicles do not get a good rate at the pre-owned car market, due to many factors, but poor maintenance and vehicle care could be a contributing factor.

Adding to that, a vast majority of car upgraders and first-time owners considered purchasing from the used car market, resulting in over 400,000 used cars sold in Malaysia in 2021.

Charlene Chong Chia Li, CEO of says the goal of to inspire a higher level of trust from consumers by being a transparent and open company is one that we have worked on for quite some time.

“We want to keep creating end-to-end trusted experience when it comes to buying used cars. Oftentimes, there are simple but important ways consumers can protect themselves from buying used cars with low-quality parts, normally taken from recalled batches or syndicated remakes.

“That’s why we have a 132-point inspection conducted on all cars that come to us before they are sold off. These checks can determine the value of the car based on any modifications done or even a bad maintenance record.” provides a live bidding platform that is cost saving, fast, secure and transparent for both buyers and sellers.

With a nationwide network of over 4,000 used car dealers throughout Malaysia including East Malaysia, buyers will place the highest offer through the live bidding sessions after completing a thorough car inspection. will offer a price to buy the car on the spot and upon agreement of both parties, the necessary paperwork and payment will be completed within 24 hours.


However, if car owners opt for the live bidding session, a reserve price will be discussed and agreed upon between and the car owner prior to the bidding.

“Many Malaysians have embraced the online method of buying and selling a used vehicle instead of purchasing it from a used car dealer. The truth of the matter is, online or offline, citizens are not excluded from bogus deals or back-handed purchases.

“While we stand strong in our part to promote and protect the interest of all our members in the industry including consumers and dealers, we are grateful to collaborate with Bosch and to reach more Malaysians and enable them to make the right choice based on their needs.

“No car is perfect and we always urge buyers to research the make and mould of the car before any purchase,” says Datuk Tony Khor Chong Boon, President of Federation of Motor and Credit Companies Association of Malaysia.

The association also discussed the importance of national initiatives brought forth by the Malaysian government including the recent sales tax exemption for locally assembled and imported cars under the Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara in reducing ownership costs.


In response to the use of digitalization in consolidating a very fragmented used car market, cited the lack of a unified system or standardization when it comes to buying or selling cars, leaving consumers to carry out most of the purchasing journey on their own.

As, Bosch stepped in to point out the many types of maintenance challenges and DIY steps consumers can carry out themselves to avoid falling prey to scams or too-good-to-be-true deals, including checking the fine print on warranties, as well as, quick and easy car checks to perform.

For more information on certified original Bosch car parts and authorised Bosch dealers, log on to Bosch Autoparts Facebook or head on to Bosch Autoparts official store in Shopee and Lazada to purchase reliable car parts.