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GrabUnlimited is Now Accessible With Greater Rewards

GrabUnlimited is Now Accessible With Greater Rewards

PETALING JAYA, June 3, 2022 – Grab consumers in Malaysia can now affordably access the best of Grab services when they subscribe to GrabUnlimited. They can enjoy more rewards, and benefits and earn up to 1.5% wherever they spend with GrabPay and PayLater. 

GrabUnlimited was launched recently and offers two sets of discount vouchers – Exclusive Monthly Promotions which vary from month to month, and Subscription Vouchers which are a standard number of vouchers each month. Members can enjoy two discounts at the same time, which increases their savings per order. 

“With each order on the Grab app, our consumers generate incomes for our delivery and merchant-partners. With their support, Grab’s partners across the region earned US$8.9 billion in 2021.

“To provide more value to our consumers, we launched GrabUnlimited and current members are already saving up to RM300 per month. The enhanced rewards and benefits not only make every ringgit spent on Grab more rewarding.

“This is also part of our ongoing efforts to outserve our consumers by offering them affordable access to the best of our platform, and giving them more reasons to choose Grab for their everyday everything needs,” says Sean Goh, Managing Director, Grab Malaysia.  

GrabUnlimited offers

  • Earn up to 1.5% wherever they spend with Grab 

Over the years, Grab collaborated with various payment gateway partners so that consumers have multiple opportunities to use the GrabPay wallet and earn GrabRewards for their GrabPay and PayLater transactions. This includes the recent inclusion of earning GrabRewards for PayLater instalment payments. Grab also expanded the GrabRewards catalogue, offering various discounts for consumers to redeem, such as for online and in-store shopping, groceries and Grab services. GrabUnlimited members will now earn up to 1.5% wherever they use GrabPay and PayLater, with no limit on how much GrabRewards they are entitled to. They can utilise their GrabRewards to redeem vouchers with exclusive discounts.

Discounted vouchers

Moving forward, Grab is reducing the amount of GrabRewards needed to redeem vouchers, but GrabUnlimited members will enjoy an even more discounted price in the GrabRewards catalogue. For example, consumers today can redeem an RM5 off voucher for 800 GrabRewards. Moving forward, they will only spend 750 GrabRewards, while GrabUnlimited members, 500 GrabRewards!

Best of Grab services 

GrabUnlimited members will enjoy a discounted rate of RM2.50 for the Premium Delivery feature on GrabFood (normal price RM3.50) and also be assured of a top-rated driver each time they book a JustGrab ride. (Note: Top- rated drivers are our most experienced drivers who consistently maintain a high driver rating and have a great track record with positive feedback from passengers) 

Consumers can subscribe to GrabUnlimited today with a promotional price of 1 cent only. Goh added, “We welcome feedback from our consumers as we aim to grow this programme to offer them services, features and benefits to better serve their everyday needs.”