Explore the Green Value of Kenaf to the Environment

Explore the Green Value of Kenaf to the Environment

DUBAI, UAE, 27 JANUARY – Kenaf Venture Global Sdn Bhd or KVG its products can assist in fighting climate change because they are green.

The Malaysian kenaf industry leader held a social business forum and a networking session with potential stakeholders at St. Regis Hotel in Dubai this week.

During the event, it explained that in the last decades, kenaf was only used as a cordage crop. However, research has discovered that it can offer so much more which is a culture of green and sustainable materials.

“This is because being a sustainable natural resource-based green composite which is suitable for diverse applications, kenaf is able to replace abundant non-biodegradable products”, said Prof. Jawaid, a researcher from a university in Malaysia. 

The forum in Dubai was held as an effort to uphold the agenda of nurturing sustainability, particularly environment and the ecosystem.

Non-biodegradable waste

The harmful effects of non-biodegradable waste like plastic containers cause health issues to fish and other living beings in the water.

In the Philippines, a beached whale was found dead with almost 40 kg of plastic trash inside its body, an unusually large amount even by the grim standards of what is a common threat to marine wildlife.

The forum also revolves around bringing agriculture, especially kenaf cultivation into the relevance of Industrial Revolution (IR). KVG group CEO, Jazman Shahar put emphasis on the optimisation of technology into agricultural practice.

Jazman Shahar said, “KVG is also aiming at championing technological advancement via good kenaf cultivation practice to further empower the Malaysian agriculture sector in IR. This is also an initiative that KVG partakes to produce kenaf more efficiently in the effort of answering to the overwhelming demand. Only through this way, we can expedite the production level and be able to address the issue of radical climate change”, he added. 

The event also held a B2B networking session with potential stakeholders, particularly to bring investments to Malaysia. Generally, the company has fulfilled the Malaysian government objectives as well as the expo’s theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

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