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Grow your money with lithium while it is still green!

Grow your money with lithium while it is still green!

Do you know about the hype of the $173 trillion s0-called green energy revolution that is sparking a “Lithium Gold Rush”? It is all about making quick money!

Whether batteries are really green and do not cause harm to the environment does not matter to those who are pushing the agenda.

The government’s around the world now want your cars to be lithium-fuelled. And this is how you may still make a ton of money in your pockets.

As an investor, this cannot be ignored. Just do not buy into the talks of ‘ESG’ investment and so on if you want to cash in.

Nosedive into the battery stocks and wait for your cash to grow, that is what analysts are saying.

Our advice to readers who want to invest: Put your money in lithium stocks in 2022. But who will be the most likely winners in the lithium war?

The battle to go battery-electrified does not concern the automobile market alone. See below!

The Electric Aircraft Market

The evolution of battery technology will be critical for electric aircraft. According to the University of Houston Energy Fellows, even with today’s cutting-edge lithium-ion cells, it would take 1.2 million pounds of batteries to replace one engine of a 747.

Companies such as Heart Aerospace, on the other hand, believe they are well on their way to certifying electric passenger aircraft with up to 19 seats within the next few years. Wright Electric, Rolls-Royce, and NASA are all developing their own electric planes.

There’s also the issue of charging times, which wreak havoc on turnaround efficiency and economics. Some believe that swappable batteries in the nose of the aircraft, as Embraer has envisioned in its electric Energia family concept, could mitigate this.

Put your money on the developers of aircraft batteries. Whether they are still arguing about battery-swap or fast-direct charging or not, the point is their stock will soar.

The End Of Petrodollar

Petrodollars are U.S. dollars paid to an oil-exporting country for the sale of oil. But here, we are talking of the shift from petrodollars to battery investment.

switching to this battery technology can also add a little greener to your bottom line in the form of dollars, writes Laurie Arendt.

Battery technology is one that requires a larger upfront investment than oil exploration. But it can actually result in cost savings over time.

It can also bring you the cash you are banking on to have a brighter future if you invest wisely in 2022.

The ESG push is the end of the petrodollar investment while lithium-ion batteries bring new life to the industry.

With lithium, there is a reduction in operating costs with maintenance-free batteries. They last longer, they are rechargeable and they can be replaced with ease. At least, this is what the hype is about.

Hype or not, the investment means value for money and that is why they are talking of a multi-trillion dollar business that