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H3C's Accelerating your business growth Channel Kickoff

H3C's Accelerating your business growth Channel Kickoff

H3C announced the launch of its annual H3C Channel Kickoff event in Malaysia with the theme of “Accelerating your business growth”.

The event highlights opportunities for H3C’s partners to discover valuable information on leveraging H3C products and services to drive the success of their businesses.

Rockies Ma, General Manager of H3C Malaysia seized the opportunity to thank H3C’s partners and end-users, “We can see that digitalisation is the key driver in Malaysia’s ICT market. It has opened up many new business opportunities for small, medium, and large enterprises.”

The foundation of H3C’s success with local partners relies on the accelerated construction of digital platforms. To advance with its partners, the company has created multiple platforms including the PRM: Channel Business Lifecycle Platform, H3Club platform, individual training platform, individual incentive, and empowerment platform to name a few.

As a digital solution provider, these platforms help partners and end-users to better understand H3C products and gain the interest of potential customers in working with H3C.

For the past year, H3C global channel development has seen a steady year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth with the company successfully certified a total of 488 partners and 830 engineers.

The company aims to accelerate its investment in global business expansion, which includes setting up new regional offices and local business teams.

Service Capability

The key to successful business collaborations is to provide partners with a diverse range of product lines and end-to-end integrated solutions, increase overseas product certification, increase exploration on cooperation mode, and joint solution development.

At the same time, the company strives to accelerate its service capability by increasing its service coverage, providing convenient and professional service support, and having a practical and systematic empowerment platform.

Another crucial goal is to accelerate the cultivation of digital talents through a customised empowerment system that aims to train and motivate lecturers. This method enhances partners’ practical capabilities of using H3C’s products and is also its goal in leading to the promotion of partners.

Drawing to a close, the successful conclusion of H3C Channel Kickoff 2022 in Malaysia marks the official kickoff event with its global partners.

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C is committed to becoming the digital solution provider for its customers and partners in completing their quests in their digital transformation journey.