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Higher-ups Are Rallying Behind The Prince

Higher-ups Are Rallying Behind The Prince

As stated in our previous post on the political situation in Mauritius, there is turmoil in the local political scene.

We believe that in the last week, the mood and narrative in the tiny republic have shifted and some people have lost control on a number of issues.

First, the regime is under fire from its opponents. And these attacks come from the official opposition parties and the Prince, who has positioned himself as the latest to condemn the current regime’s “wrongdoings.”

It is time to examine the significance of Sherry Singh’s move against Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.

Even though this attack is more personal, it has the potential to destabilise Jugnauth’s leadership in the coming weeks.

That is if the Prince as he calls himself plays according to expectations and has all the necessary information needed – or evidence as he claims – to finish off the embattled PM.

But he cannot do all that in a whirlwind because as much as Rome was not built in one day, the destruction of a powerful regime in power will take time.

Sri Lanka

Mauritius is not Sri Lanka, thus this government is still in control of the situation, but like we said above, they lost control of the narrative in the case of Mr Singh.

That is, if the Prince, as he refers to himself, plays the game well and has all the necessary information – or evidence, as he claims – to bring down the embattled PM.

But he can’t do it all in one fell swoop because, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, bringing down the regime in power will take time.

Indian Power

We are all aware that Sherry Singh is not acting alone in his “crusade” against Jugnauh. He has the backing of the string pullers in New Delhi, for example.

At least, that is what we have been told. And we will explain how this is playing out from above.

Last week, we discussed the political and succession situation in New Delhi and what is going on in the corridors of power last week.

This has an effect on Mauritius. However, corruption and poor leadership skills in Mauritius are also contributing to the deterioration of the situation in Port Louis.

India is fighting its own global war against countries such as China, and it has added Mauritius to its list of allies.

It has poured millions of dollars into Mauritius, assisting the Jugnauth regime and party in their political endeavours.

However, there is dissatisfaction in New Delhi. The Narendra Modi regime will not accept losing Mauritius to another power; therefore, the people of the country should be aware that local political games have a significant geopolitical impact.

We said if the Modi regime were to lose Mauritius, they would lose a lot more than Agalega and their financial assistance to Mauritius.

Thus, pressure is on both Jugnauth and Singh to play by India’s rule.


While Singh has made his points during interviews and media statements, he has yet to present the ‘evidence’ against Jugnauth.

Is he in possession of such evidence? He claims to have it in his media pointer saying, as we all know, the internet never completely erases everything.

The question is whether Singh will be able to produce that evidence now that he is no longer employed and has no control over the telecommunications facilities.

Was it a mistake for him to resign and accuse the Prime Minister of allowing foreign interference in Mauritian telecommunications? Only time will tell.

But he would not make such a move without considering the consequences in the short term.

We have stated that he would not be acting in this manner if India did not support him. But, in order to act in this manner, he must have had internal support within the Mauritius power structure.

Damaged Goods

Jugnauth is no longer usable. The MSM is living dangerously with him as leader, and Singh’s accusations have shattered the government.

Nonetheless, it remains in power and acts like a bully in Parliament.

Outside of Parliament, a faction has grown in strength under Bruneau Laurette’s leadership.

Laurette’s statements indicate that he is working in collaboration (in collusion, according to the regime in power) with Singh.

They both speak the same language and have the same goal. But who is the man behind Mr Laurette?

He was previously accused of being an Israeli agent. Is it possible that he and Singh are being supported by the same people in the telecommunications breach accusation? India and Israel are buddies. That is something to think about. Why?

Because, as previously stated, India will not accept the loss of Mauritius on a whim. Without the support of New Delhi, Singh is out against Jugnauth, severely hurting the PM’s reputation with this sniffing accusation.

The embassy in India has remained silent on the situation. The scandal involves a ‘Indian’ team that had access to internet mainframes for six hours to ‘sniff’ information!

Who will come and deny that India was aware of Jugnauth’s sniffing call, and who will also claim that they do not know who the ‘experts’ who did the sniffing were?

The Next Step

Other questions include how Jugnauth is still Prime Minister and has not lost his parliamentary majority, and how he will get away with the’sniffing’ story this time.

The focus is now on the Parliament. There are reports of ministers carrying resignation letters in their pockets and ready to abandon Jugnauth.

But they are waiting, and no superpower appears to have an advantage in their decision-making, which is unfortunate. India may seem to be influential in the Mauritius government but they are not able to get the MPs to go against Jugnauth.

In the face of his ‘buddy’ Singh’s accusations, Jugnauth has not acted appropriately.

Instead, he is engaging in dirty local politics by insulting the latter and calling him “Maharaja.”

If this is about Jugnauth’s credentials, we might as well ask where did the PM come from. If the Singh is a prince, did the Jugnauths came to Mauritius as labourers/farmers?

Certainly, the Singh’s family did not arrive dressed as coolies, did they?