Indonesia’S Si.Se.Sa. Launches Fashion Collection, Boutique Offering Elegant syar'i Experience

Indonesia’S Si.Se.Sa. Launches Fashion  Collection, Boutique Offering Elegant syar'i Experience

Leading Muslim fashion brand Si.Se.Sa., tagged Indonesia’s leading syar’i, has launched 55 latest premium fashion designs, as well as marked the grand opening of a Si.Se.Sa. boutique in Jakarta recently.

The re-opening of Si.Se.Sa. boutique and launch of its latest collection also prove the toughness of the syar’i Muslim fashion business during the pandemic, as well as underscores its creativity that never stops growing.

“This year is even more special as Si.Se.Sa. marks 10 years in meeting the needs of the deluxe ready-to-wear syar’i Muslim fashion market. For us, there is no stopping or giving up on work, even in a pandemic situation with all its limitations.

“Instead, such circumstances trigger Si.Se.Sa. to continue providing the syar’i experience with style, comfort and elegance,” said senior fashion designer and adviser to Si.Se.Sa., Merry Pramono in a statement.

With premium materials and high-quality stitching, Si.Se.Sa. as the only Muslim fashion brand that holds a Swarovski co-branding partner licence, re-embeds its trademark by using Swarovski in its entire collection.

The fashion show for the new Si.Se.Sa. the collection is fully supported by the halal cosmetic brand, Wardah. Since the beginning, Si.Se.Sa. has always collaborated with Wardah which has a business breath and a vision that goes hand-in-hand.

The latest sequences from Si.Se.Sa. which were launched at the grand opening of the Si.Se.Sa. boutique in Jakarta consist of, among others, Home Dress, Si.Se.Sa. Sport, Si.Se.Sa. Man, Abaya & French Khimar, Floral Beach, Nautical, Sweet Rainbow, Si.Se.Sa. Batik, and Si.Se.Sa. Wedding.

Not just focusing on design, Si.Se.Sa. is also keen on other opportunities and the Muslim fashion market from the business aspect, and confident of marketing Indonesia’s name worldwide via the halal industry, especially Muslim clothing.

In Indonesia, Si.Se.Sa. has 17 boutique branches spread across the cities including Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Yogyakarta, and Bandung.