INEOS Grenadier Interior Is Ready For Anything!

INEOS Grenadier Interior Is Ready For Anything!

Singapore, 7 July 2021 – The interior of the INEOS Grenadier is designed on purpose, to
deliver space, practicality and versatility owners need from a hard-working 4X4. Starting
from a clean sheet, the design incorporates the modern technology and comfort expected
of a vehicle for the 2020s and beyond.

“When we started thinking about the Grenadier’s interior, we looked carefully at modern
aircraft, boats and even tractors for inspiration, where switches are sited for optimal
function, regular controls are close to hand, auxiliary ones are further away,” said Toby
Ecuyer, Head of Design. “You can see the same approach in the Grenadier: the layout is
functional and logical, designed with ease of use in mind. It has everything you need and
nothing you don’t.”

Toggle switches and dials on the centre and overhead consoles are widely spaced and
clearly labelled. Auxiliary switches have been built in, pre-wired to support the addition of
winches, work lights and other accessories.

Advanced technology is included only where it benefits functionality and usability. The
infotainment system is accessed via a 12.3-inch touchscreen, or by using a rotary dial. The
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration mean users can rely on smartphone navigation
which will always be up to date. And the off-road pathfinder navigation system allows
drivers to programme, follow and record their route via waypoints when roads and tracks
are left behind.

With hard-wearing surface materials throughout, the Grenadier is designed to endure. Drain
plugs in the rubber flooring and wipe-down upholstery mean the interior can be hosed out.

Water-resistant anti-stain Recaro seats provide ergonomic support and comfort on or off
the road. Carpets and leather upholstery will be available for those aiming to leave the mud
and sand outside.

Stowage space has been maximised, with a dry storage box under the rear seat, a lockable
central console cubby box, and secure side-mounted storage in the rear load area. There is
also scope for individualisation, with a wide range of interior options and accessories to help
each owner customise the Grenadier to best perform its role.

Dirk Heilmann, INEOS Automotive’s CEO, said: “Inside and out, the Grenadier has been
designed to do a job – to get people and their kit where they want to go in comfort, in
control and with no fuss. It just works.”

130 second-phase Grenadier prototypes are currently halfway through their target of 1.8
million kilometres of gruelling testing around the world. Next stage: the dunes of Morocco.
Reservations will open from October 2021 and deliveries will start from July 2022.