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INFINITY8Is Bringing Their Dynamic Workspaces to Klang Valley

INFINITY8Is Bringing Their Dynamic Workspaces to Klang Valley

Kuala Lumpur, December 2021 –  INFINITY8, Johor’s leading co-working space operator, is expanding into Klang Valley bringing with it a dynamic approach to workspaces that looks to address the growing demand for more affordable and flexible workspaces whilst simultaneously tackling the increasing quantity of vacant office space.

Riding the momentum of a 200% annual growth since 2017, INFINITY8 will open its doors to entrepreneurs and businesses in the Klang Valley in January when its brand new 11,000 sqft outlet in MyTOWN, Kuala Lumpur launches. The new outlet will feature a celebration of post-pandemic entrepreneurship and open its doors to new-norm entrepreneurs.

“We want to tap into the Klang Valley market to address a growing demand for co-working spaces. From the services we offer right down to the interior finishings, our mission has been to redesign office spaces and redefine how we work. The pandemic over the past two years has given rise to even greater demands for flexibility and fluidity in work environments be it for start-ups or even more established enterprises. The INFINITY8 approach recognises these core requirements for businesses of all levels and our dynamic implementation approach allows us to effectively cater to these needs with distinctive sub-brands catering for different segments of clientele in the market,” stated Sheah Liang Lee, the co-founder and CEO of INFINITY8.

“Our new space at MyTOWN is the epitome of our dynamic approach to co-working. We have translated our years of industry experience and insights to develop a space that we feel truly embodies the future of co-working and is genuinely reflective of what the market actually wants and needs. Our partnership with IKANO centre for the MyTOWN branch serves to create a space for communities to meet, connect and create meaningful relationships whilst ensuring meeting & working places are safe” he added.

INFINITY8 caters to businesses across all levels including multinational corporations that have increasingly been utilising co-working spaces to meet new needs stemming from the pandemic including separation of workforces and more efficient adoption of remote working policies. 

For start-ups and freelancers, INFINITY8’s standard offerings of hotdesks and basic amenities have been popular. However, their dynamic approach also sees INFINITY8’s spaces equipped with fully furnished private and customisable offices that feature flexible contracts enabling businesses that are still scaling up to not commit to long-term leases. 

For businesses that are on the cloud, a virtual office provides them with a physical address for easy mail handling. All INFINITY8 workspaces are equipped with a full array of business services; a dedicated landline, event spaces, and event catering.

“For us at INFINITY8 it all started with the thought to provide individuals with an option to work more flexibly. We recognised the growing trend globally and knew there was a gap in the market in Johor. Today, we believe we have refined our approach to uniquely cater to a targeted slice of the market that will help differentiate us and secure our growth momentum,” Sheah Liang added.

INFINITY8’s novel approach to co-working spaces that prioritise form and function over frills and bravado has earned itself a reputation amongst enterprising businesses that need a functional and affordable workspace solution.

This was the driving force behind the brand’s rise to prominence within Johor having begun with a modest 1400 sqft ground floor lot established back in 2017. Now, the brand can lay claim to the moniker of Johor’s Coworking Champion with 6 coworking spaces in Johor, and counting. They are aiming to establish a whopping 100,000 sq ft of coworking space across the nation by 2022.

In its efforts to deliver dynamic market offerings, INFINITY8 has collaborated with national and internationally recognised partners including EcoWorld, Khazanah Nasional and Facebook Malaysia. These partnerships have resulted in curated and tailored workspaces that are not only reflective of the core values of these organisations but also in-line with overall community requirements. 

INFINITY8 Reserve JBCC collaborated with Facebook to house a Facebook Hub in the co-working space. The Meta Hub will be utilized to implement Facebook’s digital upskilling programs for jobseekers and companies in Johor. With Khazanah Nasional, they were able to create a workspace environment that induced play and living both inside and outside of the office.    

Long-term, INFINITY8 looks to create a more cyclical and sustainable market that is able to not only cater to growing flexible workspace demand but simultaneously address Malaysia’s all-time low occupancy rate for the first time in 20 years.Towards that end, INFINITY8 aims to open 5 more outlets within the calendar year here in the Klang Valley as well as in Johor Bahru.