Is this why this SEO company is better?

Is this why this SEO company is better?

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, February 21, 2022– BusyFox, an Australian digital marketing company focused on solving SEO issues, is offering new services to webmasters.

They are professional SEO consulting, detailed website audit, seo copywriting for website content, web development, web designing & branding, copywriting, social media marketing, SEO website audit, and more.

In-Depth SEO Website Audit

BusyFox offers an in-depth SEO website audit that helps to enhance the site’s organic performance on search results.

The audit highlights site glitches and suggestions for future opportunities. Gain a comprehensive lowdown from a professional in-depth website audit before making core business decisions and recommendations for valuable enhancements.

The professional SEO audit covers every aspect of the increase in traffic including a digital marketing plan. Website health is manually checked and even premium tools are used.

It helps to gain a deep insight into current performance and aids clients in prioritizing their SEO errors. Determine which to troubleshoot first and craft a trail for the future.

• Analysis – The SEO audits cover technical SEO errors associated with website usability, indexing, and crawling. The audit also includes the site’s health check, architecture, backend, URL structure, sitemap, anchors, robots, page speed, and schema.

• Competitor analysis – Performance against niche competitors is evaluated for keyword ranking and content/technical ranking factors. It helps to get an insight of each competitor’s strengths and vulnerabilities along with the clients.

• Backlink quality assessment – Comprehensive link audit including existing and competitors sites is conducted. It helps to concentrate on link types to use in the future for enhancing keyword ranking with appropriate anchor text and referral domains contribution.

• Documentation – A comprehensive report includes existing performance reviews, the problems, the source of the problem, and suggestions to completely eliminate them.

• Transparency – The technical specialists are entirely transparent in solving site glitches and share facts to help clients trounce such dilemmas in the future.

Delivering Better SEO

BusyFox says it helps businesses obtain success via customized digital marketing solutions. “The solutions are designed on the client’s business model, goals, environment, and target audiences. Their team of web designers, digital strategists, marketers, and technologists work passionately behind the scenes to create an exclusive digital experience covering the mobile, web, and digital platforms.”

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